Sunday, September 1, 2013

Unplugging and Camping

Our first camping trip in about 2 years!  This outing was the highlight of our weekend and honestly one of our most fun events of this summer.

Ryan setting up our tent

Grateful for the camera's self timer to grab a few shots together

Ryan got several pieces of top quality camp gear for Christmas and his birthday so he was beyond jazzed to bust all that equipment out.  He loves camping stuff!

His stove!

We mountain biked about 5 miles this weekend (I was terrified half the time!), napped, chowed down on delicious food, s'mores roasted, talked into the night over a fire, and just enjoyed each other out in the mountains. 

My favorite, favorite, favorite part of camping is no technology.  Unplugging is the healthiest thing we can do sometimes.  Camping is such a unique chance to just talk and revel in no distractions.  We asked each other things like "What is one thing in your life you absolutely want to do?" (we both said international adoption) and "What is your biggest, craziest dream for your career?" (I said open a Nursing School in Africa and Ryan said he is in his dream job so just continue growing).  

It is such a gift to walk away from normal life for a full weekend and unplug to be fully present.

Classy, no?  Wine out of metal cups.   And my hunky man with all the dinner goodies

There is a phenomenal free campsite about 25 minutes from our house; that is our kind of camping!    They provide water and firewood.  Who does that??

Honestly people, we are "luxury campers".  We bring GOOD food, wine, and spend a lot of time relaxing.  I  do think we're pretty hardcore biking all our gear to the site, but we don't grunge it for a week out in the wilderness.  No thanks.

Let me just say this too, my husband is our camp chef.  He cooks all the meals and makes them so delicious!  We had these crispy potatoes as an appetizer, sauteed veggies and Italian sausages for dinner, Reese's s'mores for dessert and this morning we had eggs, hashbrowns, and bacon.  Then I detoxed and ate an whole mango when we got home ha!

This was a superb Labor Day weekend and refreshing time together.

P.S.  Ryan just asked me this question, "Would you rather never brush your teeth again or wash your hands again?"  OH. MY. WORD.  This is my nightmare.  I love both but I reluctantly picked never brushing my teeth.  Ick!  Camping makes me grateful for running water and being clean :)


  1. Looks like so much fun! Glad you squeezed in a camping trip before the fall weather swoops in. Yay for Labor Day!

    1. It was such a great time! What did you guys do? I'm sure something fun!



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