Saturday, September 14, 2013

Published On Accident

A happy little surprise awaited me in my inbox yesterday.  The latest article I was privileged to write for Missional Women was published by a magazine called Charisma.  Fun right??

You can read the article here at Charisma or here at Misional Women.

It's quite by accident that this magazine got a hold of the article and I'm not sure how they tracked it down.  But it's such a gift to see these words expanding out.

Glory to Jesus--it's a true honor!

In other news, we have not been affected me these crazy floods in Colorado!  We have had several friends whose basements or crawl spaces have flooded but nothing more serious.  I read on another friend's blog that a weather forecaster estimated this amount of rain equivalent to 200 inches of snow!!

The down pour our was non-stop for about 4 days straight mixed with hail, sporadic thunder, and strong winds.  Dang!  In the random hour we got sunshine I took Harpo for a walk since he was going a bit stir crazy ;)

Prayers are of course appreciated for anyone who continues to be affected but we are safe, dry, and tremendously blessed to have a home that keeps us protected.

Ok and now I have to ask you, no BEG you, to watch this video.  My favorite line in the whole thing:

"You make 100 TIMES what the average person on this planet makes if you make $4,000 a month!  I don't know if that's weird or it's weirder that you don't think you're rich..."
-Francis Chan

Happy weekend to you, whatever you are up to!

 ...keep yourselves in God’s love...
Jude 1:21

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