Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Good Day

Ain't no secret that I love me some fall.  I passionately bought my first can of pumpkin on a late night grocery run Sunday.  I wanted to violently throw the whole shelf of pumpkin heaven into our cart that night but instead exhibited amazing restraint, all things considered.  

And now the incredible end product is currently baking in my oven.  YES!  

Today I have the whole, wide morning off from work and of course no studying yet (26 days, yo).  So to celebrate, this is simmering on the stove while an Apple Pumpkin candle burns and the Ella Fitzgerald station plays in the background.

How can a morning get more life giving?  By going through this deeply challenging Bible Study which was also on my agenda and drinking big mugs of coffee.

Ahhh. My heart just got a great big breath of fresh air.  Plus the air smells like cinnamon and ginger so that's Fall: 1 The Rest of the Year: 0

As if the day could not get any more stupendous, I'm off to enjoy more coffee and girl time with a dear, dear friend very soon 

It's a good day.

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