Friday, August 30, 2013

What's Going On?

Man I just cannot get back into the blogging mode!  I have lots of thoughts about so many things but can't seem to get the motivation or whatever to write it all down.  

Hmmm...writer's block?  Sort of.

Anyway, it's fun just to record little updates every now and then.  One of my favorite parts about keeping a blog has been just simply clicking back through the archives to remember what our life looked like at various times and through different experiences

So a more dry season of blogging can just act as a remembrance of this season we're in now.

For now I'll just share with you a few pictures of the paver patio Ryan has been working on.  It was HOURS of work and I can't even describe how much muscle and sweat went into this.  Ryan moved an estimated 4 TONS of dirt, laid a super heavy base layer, tamped it by hand, laid 4 inches of sand, graded it all step by step, leveled it and then individually laid something like 78 15-lb pavers by hand.


Excuse the "after" picture because the patio still has tons of sand on it from filling in the gaps between pavers.  Just imagine it all with a painted deck in the background, white rocking chairs, and a glowing fire ;)

Before.  So much dirt to move and grade at a 2% slope.  My Engineering husband is so exact! 

Working hard!  This was the leveling step.  So tedious but important for an even area and correct grading for drainage 

Final product!  The sand is there to fill in the gaps between pavers.  Once it's swept off I'll get another prettier picture up.  This little living space is so perfect for late night fires and cool fall nights.  Can't wait to host here!

Oh and also here are the fabulous outdoor curtains my husband should put up for me!  How is he so legit?  Our lower patio gets full sun from about 4:00 pm to sunset and it's just too bright/hot to enjoy it out there.  So problem solved now.  I think the space looks larger and more inviting with them.

The curtains are just simple paint drop cloths from Home Depot hung from target curtain clips.  And that would be electric conduit for the "rods".  Check out this tutorial for how he did it.

Any fun plans for you over the Labor Day weekend?  We have camping and mountain biking in our future.  So excited!  There may also be bacon and the makings of smores in our pantry waiting to tag along for the adventure.  No shame!!

Enjoy your long weekend everyone!


  1. Great Job, My husband says that is my kind of man with all that measuring stuff. My husband is so similar!! I would be doing the drop cloths, good job!!!

    1. Ha that's awesome Katie. I love thorough Ry is. He always does a grea job. And th curtains were 100% him actually! I can't take any credit other than showing him my Pinterest find and asking him to do it. Ha!



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