Thursday, August 8, 2013

Random Goodies Update

This overcast rainy weather was MADE for me!  I sometimes think I could live in London or Seattle.  But then I remember how sweet Colorado is, and I probably won't be doing that anytime soon.  

And I remember how our moms would hunt us down if we moved so far away...

Dreary weather teaches us a few things:  #1  It makes my Autumn Pinterest board explode!  #2  It makes me very wifely and I cook/bake a TON.  Obscene amounts of zucchini bread grace our freezer  #3  It increases my reading and coffee drinking habits exponentially

 I CANNOT wait for fall, people!  I love all things pumpkin, cozy, jackets, crisp weather, and autumn.  The debut of the annual pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks is close to Christmas in my excitement levels.  Not kidding.

Lord have mercy and let my husband acquire a taste for pumpkin treats ASAP.  Amen.

Also, what is this I early leaf changer!?!?!  Be still my heart.

On other less important topics than the coming of fall...what else have we been up to?

Ryan has been rocking at work like it's his job.  Probably because it is his job.  I am so proud of him taking on his new Director position and just doing so well.  He is SO gifted with people and really makes an impact for HWI in this role.  

We are also in major budget mode saving for Nursing School so he has biked like 9/10 of the last work days.  Wahoo!

I feel so hipster when we bike to coffee shops and work.

I have been working as much as possible too, again, to help pay for school.  It is a gift to say we both really and authentically enjoy our jobs.  I hope that is always true.

These crazy beautiful flowers are from some walks we have taken lately when the weather isn't raining and foggy in the evenings.  Walks together after dinner = intentional, free time together. Speaking of which, something that we have not been so good at in the past, but are slowly getting better at is Date Night.  It is the best night of the week!

We've been hitting up free movie in the parks, going to coffee shops so Ryan can teach me chess, having chill nights on the back porch, or going to dinner together.  It's fun to get creative and we highly recommend them to our married peeps!

Ok is there anything else exciting I can share?  We are pretty boring.  We'll do a list...

*52 days until Nursing School!
*Ryan is playing in a fall Ultimate Frisbee League (want to join him?)
*Our church is starting Life Groups next month which gets me SUPER pumped!
*Harpo is still an anti-social doofus but we love him
*There may or may not be a new addition to our the form of a Corgi puppy.  Updates to come on that as Ryan's hearts softens :)
*3 of 5 chickens are laying little brown eggs!

That is probably all that is worth sharing for now.  Life is full

Happy Thursday to all!

For the Lord is our judge; the Lord is our lawgiver; the Lord is our king; he will save us.

Isaiah 33:22


  1. How is your no shopping thing going?

  2. OH yeah? How is it going Ms Decker? LOL I backslid 2 weeks ago. I was doing really well until I had to go to this banquet thingy and no one had anything worthy of borrowing. So hubby bought me new dresses, but who am I kidding? Its the same thing! LOL
    I like your little life update...i am all things fall too! My mama, is giving me new christmas decorations tomorrow, I couldn't be more thrilled! I think I even wrote a post last year in the summer baout my desire for will be here before we know it!

  3. You two are great! The no shopping is going well. Only just now, as the fall season styles are coming out, am I getting an itch to buy. UH OH! I have been gifted several items in the last 8 months but have not bought anything for myself.

    I thought it was so easy for me to not buy but man, lately I am struggling! I think I'll be cuter, confident, more important or something if I wear the latest new outfit. I know that isn't true and this is a really good opportunity for me to lean on the Lord and dig more into heart issues.

    Vee how is no buying going for you? Stacey, are you doing the no buying too?

    1. Other than my minor slip up of my "hubby" buying me two new dresses, it has gone well. I have had the itch to buy a couple times, but i really do have enough clothing, I am able to get buy. I discovered I have tons of jewlery I never wear so have been usign that to spruce up some of my old clothes, also new combinations can make a whole new outfit! So this has caused me to be more creative...I like that :)



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