Friday, August 23, 2013

Autumn 2013 Decorations

Have I ever mentioned that I love fall?  I adore it!  Pine for it!  Obsessed with it!

Ryan would attest that's not an understatement.  For far too long I've been stalking Yankee Candles fall scents, pinning pumpkin recipes, and anxiously waiting to pull out my fall decor.  I may or may not have Googled "when does starbucks' pumpkin spice latte come out?"

(September 3.  You're welcome)

But the time came!  Yes good people, I may be a week or two early but I can't help myself.  Autumn runs in my blood and I can't stay away a moment longer!

Like I said yesterday, I didn't spend even one dollar on decorations.  Everything pictured are items I've had from years previous or just thought it had a fall-ish style. 

I even used edibles from the kitchen like wild rice and uppopped corn.   On that note, check out your pantry!  I think it would be fun to somehow display onions or apples on a tiered cake stand.  Or surround a yummy fall candle in a vase with lentils.  Lots of possibilities.

I also layered plates and mugs, utilized pitchers and vases, and piled thick quilts in big woven baskets.  Simple but a definite change!

 It's so fun to usher in this cooler season with a cozy home.  

The only thing missing is a pumpkin baking extravaganza!  Any takers?

Utilizing the good ole chalkboard fridge for some seasonal flare 

The dining room buffet got a gold, orange, and rustic brown makeover.  I'm not entirely happy with this look but I'll keep working on it until I find a better arrangement 

Our open kitchen cabinets needed some love.  I just layered plates, a silver pitcher, and accented it with wheat and wild rice. 

An up close shot.  I found so many edible autumn styles in the kitchen!  It was so fun to sort through my pantry for a free, seasonal addition

A vase of wheat with an anchor of that uppopped corn is such a fun little whimsical flare.  I love the unexpected pop! 

Nothing much chanced with the mantel besides adding a mercury pumkin on the left that was gifted to me last year.  The book wreath and vases filled with rocks are pretty rustic and appropriate 

Lord have mercy!  This is such a beautiful scent.  My mom bought me "Cozy Sweater" (the epitome of being snuggled up in a soft wrap while drinking tea) and "Autumn Apple" (basically smells like the experience of eating apple pie in a pile of crispy leaves.)  Glory.

Happy Early Fall!

Check out our Autum 2012 house decorations here


  1. Wait, WHAT? Is it fall time ALREADY?? HUZ-ZAH! I love fall so much too! When our pumpkin ripens up, I'd love to have a baking session with you!

    1. Beth we can and will!!!! Yes please :)

    2. Omg Carly! I just went fall candle shopping yesterday. Picked up my marshmallow fire side fragrance from bath and body works. I much have spent about 80 on candles scented oils and plug ins. The cashier was like wow you must really like this scent. I can't wait for fall myself. But cant manage to decorate till mid September. You are brave girl! Love the open cubbard idea.. Hey have you ever thought of painting the brick around your fire place? I have seen some nice brick do overs. Unless you really love 'brick'. The house looks fab.
      .I will be copying your edible ideas. :)

    3. Vee I do remember that youovethat scent! I saw it there the other day and thought of you. I haven't thought of painting the brick. We love the unprinted look but if we ever need an update that's something to consider! Hope you put u pictures of your house in a few weeks so I can adore your decorations

    4. Yes ma'am. I def will be posting! And aw you thought of me? So sweet!

    5. Yes ma'am. I def will be posting! And aw you thought of me? So sweet!



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