Thursday, August 22, 2013

August Way of Life

Life is in full swing at the Deckers.  And life is so dang good!

For starters, nearly 2 weeks in we are about 75% done with the new paver patio Ryan is installing.  It looks so beautiful and has transformed a once dumpy space into a vibrant living area!   

Let me just say that Ryan calculated that this patio would have cost us upwards of $6,000 if we bought all materials new and hired out the work.  My husband Craigs-listed his life away and slaved through the manual labor to do it for just 6% of that cost.  Legit money manager!

The before picture-after soon to come!  I cannot put into words how much work this was.  Have mercy!

I have big plans to put in a cozy firepit, rocking chairs, and thick quilts to enjoy cool fall nights out there.  Add hot apple cider and smores roasting...I think we have heaven on earth.

Our weeks have been filled to the brim with work, biking, going to every kind of doctor imaginable (dermatology, dentist X2, Remicade, regular Doctor's, TB tests for school, etc), hitting up movie nights in the park, and daily shennigans.

Cupcake mouthed husband at Golden's movie in the park.  We LOVE this event!

Ok this is another fun thing... 

Ryan Decker is playing Ultimate Frisbee again in a league is LOVES it.  He played all through college and was captain of his team.  Truly this man can throw and run like you wouldn't believe!

 He was a little nervous to start the league (so cute) but played incredibly strong!  The team he joined has been together for awhile, but Ryan's 2nd game with them they won--and they never win ha ha  After his games he was just on fire for life and so encouraged that his ostomy isn't holding him back.  P.S.  They seriously run like 8-10 miles in one game.  Dang!

A view from a recent bike ride

Let's see as for me, I am literally counting down the days to Nursing School.  38 days to the first day and 28 days to orientation!  My motivation is so high and I'm anxious and thrilled to just start learning.  But I have to be careful not to waste this very precious season I'm in now. 

I have all these weeks stretched ahead of me to just be "kind to myself" as I keep saying and be filled up before the madness hits.  And more importantly, to pour out and make sure I'm stewarding this time well.  One year ago I could never have imagined I would be starting Nursing School so soon but this is perfectly timed and sanctioned.

We're on the move an we love it all.  The gift of being active is such a sweet one to us.  Biking, frisbee league, fall community groups, newly starting Bible studies, and doing life is all we could dream about in 2012.  

Now it's a reality.

The Lord is so overwhelmingly good to us.

P.S.  Here is a sneak peek of our newly decorated house for fall.  Yes, I am such a creeper for this season but it's my favorite!  I didn't spend a penny, instead just using autumn-ish items we had around the house.  More to come tomorrow!


  1. Ok, definitely jealous of your fun adventures and the quilted apple cider patio to come!

    1. Laura you can come enjoy the patio with us!! The Krokos tribe is always welcome here for smores and cider!

  2. Can't wait to see this deck! Hehe the deckers new deck! Oooh lala!

  3. Can't wait to see this deck! Hehe the deckers new deck! Oooh lala!



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