Saturday, July 13, 2013

We Are Alive

I really don't enjoy being computer less. First world problem, I know.  But blogging = bad news on an ipad.  I just can't figure it all out and the touch keyboard hates my fingers!

Well anyway, this is just a quick post to say I am dying to put up pictures of our last week and fill you in on our lives but it will have to wait.  

 1+ week of zero blogging just isn't how I normally roll but ipad blogging takes me approximately 12.4763 times longer.  No thanks.

For now it's sufficient to tell you that #1 our chickens are finally laying eggs!  #2 I have been knocked down flat by a super mean cold which Ryan somehow bypassed even with his compromised immune system. And #3 only 78 days until nursing school!

There are lot of other good things happening and some processing about life topics but those will have to wait.  Today feels like a win because I made I out of bed, ate the first raspberry from our garden and have a mega sweet husband getting me healthy again!

Don't worry this is an old photo.  My raspberry this morning was much riper and bigger. Win!!

Happy Saturday.  Soak it in!

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