Sunday, July 21, 2013

Praise. Reflect. Live.

Happy Sunday to all!

This week has been full of reflection and life for us.  

I am finishing up my last pre-req on Wednesday.  ZING!! My last final for 2 months and then the mother load!  I start school on September 30th 2013 which is 364 days after I began my very first pre-req for Nursing School.  Not bad progress for 1 year eh?

Ryan has been crazy busy at work.  In his new position he has been balancing new and old partnerships, e-mails, meetings, and international conference calls.  As an engineer he is writing a manual for the solar powered system they just launched. Busy busy man!

Plus my man biked 5/5 days to work last week.  Dang right??

On top of that we have been getting the office set up, doing slow yard work, avoiding painting, and picking crazy amounts of produce from the garden.

No joke, on the counter right now we have beets, onions, basil, peppermint, zucchinis, squash, and raspberries.  And eggs!  My heart leapeth for joy!

All I can say is that this season is the BEST!  The greatest.

This exact time last year Ryan was suffering his way tortuous MRI and CT scan after drinking two enormous barium dyes.  When you are already down 40 lbs and slowing starving to death from fissures and fistulas in your intestines, the last thing you want is to drink strawberry death flavored dye.

Though this can sometimes be a poignant, time of year for us, it also evokes many other things like gratefulness, recognition of growth, and acceptance .  In late July 2012, Ryan was just days from being admitted to the hospital and getting his ostomy.  It is a really hard time to reflect on but also a time we are SO grateful for because his health was turned around by that surgery.

I know this coming week will be a slew of "Remember when's?"  and "Thank Jesus for's..."  

We have so much to be grateful for.  Our experiences have taught us that the prosperity gospel is total bull crap and that to walk and not faint is of the highest joys to the Lord's heart for us.

Praising this week.  Reflecting this week.  Living this week.

Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.

Psalm 51:12

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  1. So happy you are enjoying a good season of life! :) XOXOX
    And I am so jealous of all your produce. We live in townhomes, so we only have a front yard, and balcony. SO no garden for me :(



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