Friday, July 26, 2013


A busy week this week!

We've found ourselves navigating marriage in very new ways these post-recovery Crohn's days.  Though it's often not very pretty all I know is that I am so blessed to be married to the one and only Ryan John Decker.

Our minds and hearts are still wrapping around all this chronic illness business and we will most definitely share when we have clarity; if only for the sake of someone learning from our mistakes.  But for now, as mentioned here, there is just so much no one tells you about the messy realities of chronic illness.

There are unanticipated emotions, traumas, marriage effects, and personal battles still to be had once the physical healing is conquered.  It's complicated.  You think the healing is under control, but the growth is really just starting.  The really hard work hasn't even started yet.

Your marriage is under fire during surgeries and chronic illness and medical crisis.  There is nothing healthy or helpful about such a long season of abnormal and scary. All I know is I'm a sinner and really grateful for a gracious husband who is patient with my inabilities.  And we are both grateful for a God who won't let us drown but will bring redemption and hope.

On a few less heavy notes...

I finished up my last pre-req for Nursing School on Wednesday!  It feels so freeing to be done after 8 weeks of hard tests and material.  The official countdown now is 65 days until I become a real live Nursing School student.  Wahoo!!

As for Ryan, he has worked until about 7:00 pm every night this week.  He is writing the solar panel manual for a new water treatment system that HWI has been developing.  How cool is that?   Now communities lacking electricity have options for cleaning their water.  And no electricity source constitutes A LOT of the world!

 Can you imagine not having electricity?  Or clean, drinkable water?  No, me neither.  It's so encouraging to see Ryan being a part of getting people clean, safe water and thereby the gospel.

Next on the agenda, there is a new obsession that I have to share with you:  freezer crockpot cooking.  Um, yes.  It is the greatest most beautiful of inventions.

iPad quality but you get the idea!  There lies all the glorious goodies waiting to be enjoyed

In honor of school staring soon I am trying to get our life organized to make this fall easier.  One way is to stock our freezer totally full of meals that just need to be defrosted and thrown in the crockpot.  

So far in our freezer is vegetable minestrone, vegetarian stuffed peppers, loaded vegetarian chili, garlic lime chicken, taco soup, veggie breakfast burritos, and chocolate chip zucchini bread.  I am hoping this preparation makes our meal planning smoother and stress levels lower when studying is full swing for me.

I label each bag with a permanent marker, writing what else I need to add.  And I forgot to write down the cook time on this bag!  Probably should also put the date that I froze it too.

Finally, lets chat about gardening.

It has to be the single greatest thing on the planet besides Jesus and husbands and freezer crockpot cooking.  And coffee.  And probably a few other things.

For about a $1 you get a big pack of seeds throw them in the ground and get produce.  Hallelujah!  Vegetables gardens are like Earth jewelry.  

So far this week the aforementioned blessed garden has birthed us the makings of loaded zucchini/squash lasagna, fresh basil pesto, raspberry smoothies, mint tea, and a few onions for random recipes.  I can't believe how much we get and the process is so fun!

Gardening for President!

This is just 2 days worth of picking and I used up 2 zucchinis and 1 other squash yesterday!

That should be all for now everyone.  Tomorrow we are going to celebrate Ryan's 1st Stomaversarry at a surprise event in downtown.  He's had has ostomy for one year already and we need to party to commemorate his bravery and legit-ness.

Hope your weekend is spectacular as well!

You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with allyour heart.

Jeremiah 29:13


  1. We are so grateful for Ryan's stoma! Praise God for modern medicine. Also, crockpot freezer meals: Brilliant. I will have to get many of those in the freezer this fall to prepare for Baby Malone #2. You should post a fave recipe!

    1. Oh girl we should put some together one day! OK this is the link to one of my favorites. I tweaked it a bit like doing less cheese and different spices but it's so easy and full of fiber. And then I froze 3 peppers to a big freezer ziploc to crock pot later on!



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