Friday, July 5, 2013

Loooong Week, Good Week

Hello!  One week of no posts feels like forever to me.  Well #1 I have been really busy and #2 Ryan Decker has been out of the country which I didn't want blared on here and any post I would have written probably would have covered that little fact.

But he comes home in a few hours so I'm feeling safe to share now :)

So Ry has been doing some very smart, meaningful, cool engineering work down in the Dominican Republic this week.  Mainly installing a water system for a community but I'm not privy on all the details just yet.  More to come!

I am soooo insanely proud of his brave heart to go and the faithfulness he displayed by saying "Yes!" to Jesus asking this of him. Seriously this trip is scary because he's never traveled internationally with an ostomy, he is still figuring out his body's changes now post-op, and it is a risk to be out of your comfort zone.  I feel inspired by him!

For crying out loud this time last year he didn't even have his ostomy yet and it's only been 8 months since his last major surgery. So in my books that is quick turn around to be out of the country working! Go husband!

As for me this week has been full, though hard when I missed my man.  Overall a really life giving week with people as well as getting plenty of recharge time.

There have been birthday parties, obscenely late dinner dates in the highlands (I am not cool enough to normally still be sipping wine at 10:15 pm on a chic restaurant patio), pedicures with a generous mama, working my buns off, yoga, class/lab, studying at Panera, and of course yard/house work.  A really sweet week to aid my sad heart while Ryan was away :)

Upon Ryan's anticipated return we have a wedding Saturday, time at our church, and as much time together as possible!! Heck yes.

What have you been up to?  Fill us in!  Also, this post was pain stakingly written on the resident iPad...(not my favorite piece of technology ever invented but alas, that is CLEARLY a first world problem.)

...because my computer screen is randomly wigging out. Any thoughts on getting it replaced without it costing my first born child?  

Just needed to excuse an crazy/poor/inappropriate autocorrects or grammar...

Much thanks.

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