Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Happy 1 Year Stomaversarry to Ryan!

Can you believe that??  It has been 365 days since Ryan received his ostomy.  Just wow.

 This crazy, unpredictable, incredible, maddening (at times), glorious, complicated, awkward, life-saving, blessed ostomy is praise-worthy.

We are beyond grateful for what his ostomy has given back to him.  His life and health have been restored by rerouting his small intestines into a discrete, sanitary little bag so that his large intestine can have a break and heal.

Dang it's just so neat.

It hasn't all been daisies and butterflies with this thing.  Heck no!  There were many a 2 am bag changes, leaks, insecurities, and tears shed on both parts.

But God is good and has helped us navigate this last year with Ryan's new appendage or as he calls it, his "poop bag".  Ugh I hate it when he calls it that!  ;)

Let me just brag on Ryan for a minute and share with you that his ostomy has not held him back for even a minute.

Ryan on a recent bike ride.  Stud!

He works full time, hikes, shovels blizzard snow, hot tubs, four wheels, swims, mountain bikes, road bikes, snow shoes, dog sleds, greets at church, works on house projects, plays disc golf, goes paint balling, loves and helps his friends, spends time with family, and lives his life.

We are celebrating today!  That's all there is to it.  Because one of the greatest gifts of our lives came in the form of a body altering, life altering surgery we would have mistaken for a burden had Jesus not helped us to know better...

That's so like him.  Jesus: vision alter-er and purpose giver... for all things.  

Look among the nations, and see;
    wonder and be astounded.

For I am doing a work in your days

    that you would not believe if told.

Habakkuk 1:5


    So happy for you guys! I can't believe a year has passed already :)

  2. Us either Vee! It's been fast in a lot of ways and so slow in others. But we are grateful!



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