Monday, July 15, 2013

Gardens and What No One Tells You

It's Monday!  It has taken me FOREVER to get this post up mainly because my computer was being a little wiener and not working.  But my techie husband found a solution that didn't cost $500 and I am grateful for his super smart brain.
So I'm back with pictures and updates yo!

Several items for you today...some deep.  Some not so much.  Enjoy.

#1 School is in full swing with only 4 days of class left!  A summer class is far more rigorous than the regular semester, but I really like it and the preparation it's giving me for intense Nursing School quarters.  Last week I took a test on the digestive systems/metabolism/urinary system; all I know is the Lord did a MEGA sweet job designing our bodies.

Random picture of or FIRST EGG!!  Celebrations were had at the Decker household this fine day.

#2  I missed my man while he was away 2 weeks ago.   Enough said.  Ok, I'll say a little more.  There are some things no one tells you once your husband has been chronically, scary ill for almost a whole year...

Like how you'll ache when he is gone for the first time...
or the ways you'll hope he is prepared for the unexpected on his own with a new ostomy...
or how you'll pray like your life depends on it because you can't do anything else for him when he's 5,000 miles away.... 

There is a lot no one tells you about recovery from a health crisis. A LOT.

 For weeks and months (years?) there will continue to wage an  emotional, mental, and spiritual battle although the body gets stronger.  We have seen Ryan struggle with fears, post traumatic stresses, and the scary realization that he is not in control.  I have intensely battled fears and insecurities of my own and been unsure of how to support Ryan's inner battle.  We are wading our way through it with excellent counsel and are steadily seeing growth.

But it helps to be honest here so that anyone else who faces this know it is normal and together we can let Jesus be our way.

Basically, Crohn's and chronic illness never stops shaking us up and sending up back to the foot of the Cross.

#3.  On a more joyful note...only 76 days until Nursing School!

#4.  We have been working hard most night of the week and our weekend to get the backyard looking more presentable.  Ryan built a beautiful cedar fence around my garden beds to keep the chickens out.

Lesson learned: chickens are ninjas
Is that Pinterest worthy or what?  I LOVE the cedar paneling.  It's so inviting.

We planted vines on trellises along the side of our garage, and the entire deck and back of our house are getting a fresh coat of paint.  Plus we have some outdoor curtains going up and a paver patio with fire pit going in.  Woo!

It is seriously starting to look SO good out back.  A very peaceful place to hang out in the evenings and spot to host later this summer and into the fall.

Look, I even have a little gate!  I swoon over this garden.

#5.  My garden is exploding.  I have dozens of zucchinis and squash blooming, raspberries turning red, the basil is on steroids or something, and my tomatoes and beets are really starting to get big.  Gardening is the greatest thing can think of.  There is no thrill like seeing real live produce in your backyard--I seriously am addicted.

The onions are getting bigger, the beets are recovering from their chicken attack and there is LOTS of basil, rosemary and other veggies coming in!

The biggest summer squash out there at the moment.  I think it's ready to be picked and grilled soon!

 I DIE of excitement over the raspberries.  Seriously!  My blackberries are lagging but that doesn't dampen my thrill for these plumpy, red guys

#6.  In honor of Nursing School starting soon (see #3) we have finally gotten our home office into working order.  Once the curtains are up and a few things mounted on the walls I'll share pictures here.

I LOVE the designated space for studying.  And my brain seriously lags (circadian rhythms?) form 1:00-3:00 pm everyday, so if I can get in the zone in my new space with some coffee, I feel more productive.  Do you have a "low point" during the day?  Or is it just me?

#7.  Um, that's it!  I am still recovering from the cold but verrrry slowly getting better.  How did my immuno-suppressed husband manage to dodge this virus?

The Lord.  Duh.

Ok, let's end on this note shall we?  It's a verse I'm digging this week.

For while we were still weak, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly. For one will scarcely die for a righteous person—though perhaps for a good person one would dare even to die— but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Romans 5:6-8


  1. OOoh your garden looks delish! I am coming for dinner! :)
    I love the photo's and the fence, how stylish!

  2. I wish you could Vee! We would have fresh basil, mint, squash, and onions at our disposal :)



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