Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cirque du Soleil and Ostomies

The huge tents!  We were getting so excited even outside! 

Yesterday was a BIG celebration for my brave husband!  We celebrated his 1st Stomaversarry at Cirque du Soleil!!

First of all Cirque du Soleil is so unique and entertaining.  The things these performers could do with their bodies and strength and all while spinning in the air or whatever was mind blowing!  Seriously I was afraid some one's spine was going to snap the whole time because of their bendy-ness, ha!

 Pre-show popcorn

Second of all, can you believe that Ryan has had his ostomy for one full year?  Gosh it is so incredible.  We have had so many reflective moments this week about where he was in 2012, and how far he's come.  

This time last year he was just getting checked into the hospital for his 4th and 5th surgeries and weighed only 144 lbs.  He is probably closer to 190 lbs today so you can see why that's a big deal!  He was just so sick and it's a joy to my heart to see his health now.

Would he rather not have the ostomy and be healthy?  Sure!  But since it's his reality we will be grateful for it and brag about the life it has given him back.  

My sister Linny, my mom, Ryan, and my in-laws Yvonne and George all came to celebrate 

So anyway dude got SPOILED rotten yesterday.  My mom bought him popcorn, his parents bought him M & M's, he had great seats at this show and then he got even more spoiled rotten with dinner and dessert.

But it was a fitting celebration for my man who has been persevering, faithful, vulnerable, and experienced such hardship because of Crohn's.  I am proud of you, love!

Ryan looks like a ladies man here 

Oh and P.S. we rocked the light rail downtown from Golden.  It was SO fun!  I would definitely recommend riding it somewhere for a fun date or afternoon.  That sounds so ridiculous but I liked it a lot :)

Post show we headed to downtown Denver for dinner on 16th St mall.  Yum!

Not totally sure what's happening here.  So much Bad A in one picture... 

Deliciousness galore! 

These three told a guy on the mall that they were models.  And I got the privilege of taking this sketchy picture... 

My mom wants you to know that she knows "how to do the photo-bomb" and this is her proving it.  Sort of. 

Dessert was Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  We had peanut butter cups and peanut butter fingers but this stuff looked amazing too! 

A really special day with special people to celebrate Ryan Decker.  What a stud!

I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 3:14

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