Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ryan's Birthday!

It is my husband's 27th birthday today!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY my love!

It's your birthday, we gonna party like it's yo birthday! 

Hi handsome!

Ok this dude is SPOILED!  We celebrated with the Decker family a two weekends ago and we had dinner with friends on Tuesday where he got a birthday cupcakes.  Then he had a big birthday party last night with more friends, and now today is the real day and he is getting the royal treatment here too starting with his parents taking us to breakfast.

Not to mention he has birthday paint balling plans in the future and my parents are taking us to dinner this week too!

He has a tough life.

Why is my husband wearing a luxurious white bath robe eating chocolate donuts?

But being spoiled is 104% OK with us because this is a year to celebrate.  This time last year he had already had one surgery, was super sick, and was completely couch bound.  It was a baaad birthday but that is the past!

#27 is different.  He's healthy, fatter, muscular, pain-free, and living life UP!

Today we are partying with dinner out, presents, and time together.  I can't believe how blessed I am to recognize and celebrate the life of the most wonderful man I know.  Plus I get to be married to this crazy, sweet man and it's been the greatest joy of my life.

  I am so glad he was born!

Now he is under the covers eating again?

Happiest Birthday to my husband, love, tax-filing partner, best friend, and partner in crime!

Birthday posts from years past:
2010 we were planning our wedding so apparently he didn't get a shout out then ;)

My out of control husband!!!  


  1. HaPPy HaPPy BirTHDay to Ryan!!!!. May Carly spoil you rotten today and CELEBRATE all day long.

  2. He definitely has been getting spoiled! He had his birthday party last night, sleeping in right now, George and Y-lo are taking us to breakfast, and then he gets presents/dinner/fun today!

  3. Love it! The picture in the white robe eating was hilarious! Praise God on a blessed Birthday!

  4. Rachel that was in the hotel we went to a few weekends ago. Dude loves his soft hotel bath robes!! Ha!

    Thank you for the encouragement and celebrating with us!



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