Monday, June 10, 2013

Ryan's Birthday Party

Like I said before, this guy is loved and spoiled!

On Saturday night we hosted a birthday BBQ for our friends and it turned out AWESOME!  If you know my husband you KNOW he loves people and quality time is one of his love languages.  

It blessed my soul to see him surrounded by his favorite people, in amazing health, and living life.

Thank you to Casey, Connie, Peyton, Katie, Ross, Rachelle, Matt, Hannah, Daniel, Marc, Beth, Corrie, Chris, Hava, Drew Ashleigh, Elliot, Natalie, and Mercedes for celebrating with us!

There were burgers, homemade apple pies, a pinata, lawn games, and a late night on the back porch.  All the makings of a great birthday celebration.

You are loved Ryan Decker!

 The drink bar--highly Pinterest inspired.  I love how it turned out.  And Katie made two homemade apple pies.  We ate all of them

Birthday boy with his birthday chalkboard and the food spread: burgers, hot dogs, watermelon, salad, and kettle chips. 

Opening up a present Hannah and Daniel brought him!

 The Clarks!  These three are the most legit and make us laugh all the dang time.  And Rachelle (right) trying to break the pinata.

These two bless the heck out of our lives.  Matt landscapes with Ryan like an unstoppable beast and Katie not only makes pies, cakes, and lasagna but always is doing hard labor with us somewhere on the house.  You two are the greatest!

Marc spinning Ryan before he swings at the toucan 

Hi husband!   

Everyone outside playing several different games we had set up

A wildly successful night that I hope blessed our guests but I know for sure brought so much joy to my husband.


  1. Stop it, I am dying! The decorations are so cute! (In the manliest way). Glad you made sure Ry had a fun fun fun day!

  2. It was such a fun day! He was spoiled rotten which was highly needed this year. Glad you like the decor. It was super easy. I suggest that in a party!



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