Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Man Works!

In case you didn't realize yet, it seems Ryan is making up for lost time!

In just a few months time after his SEVENTH surgery he has accomplished...

1) landscaping almost 50% of our property!
2) successfully had a shed craned out of our yard (which involved soooo much work for Ryan than the pictures let on ie: tearing down a fence to make room for the crane, replacing an entire fence, trimming a 40 foot tree etc...)
3) received a promotion at work
4)  preparing for work related international travels
5) being a stud

...and the list could seriously go on and on and on!

One of the projects for landscaping includes dealing with the waste land that we call a backyard.  It is filled with trash, buried cement blocks, all the rocks of the universe, and uneven craziness.  Basically it's not easy to work with.  

But so far we've put in a chicken coop, a section of grass, three garden beds, and have more plans for grass, trees, and shrubs.  As well as a paver patio with fire pit and potential volleyball net :)

It's our desire that our home would be a place people are blessed; for hosting, opening our home to those new in the country, inviting family into, and loving neighbors.  Making our backyard a refuge is so much fun and we hope blesses the socks off of others in some small way.  

Plus who doesn't like a dang cool backyard??  We hope our future Decker kids will want to hang out there all the time too.  (Sorry mom, no, we're not pregnant.)

Anway, here is the before, during and after of our latest project around the coop and garden beds as we dive head first into making our house a restful sanctuary...

Lots of weeds, the cursed shed, and basic ugliness all around

We had to install a metal divider in the ground which you can't see (hard work!), tilled the entire area to even it all out, and then laid weed barrier everywhere.  On the left side of the barrier will be more grass one day.

Finished!  Now we have a beautiful red mulch area to compliment the chicken coop and brighten up our space.  P.S.  Aren't you loving that classy green fence around our gardens?  We have to keep those chickens out until I figure out a classier solution...

Hi!  Just a quick shot of the hard working husband and less hardworking wife who cheers from the sidelines during breaks

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone.  We think you're cool for reading this blog and caring about silly things like our landscaping :)

I form light and create darkness, I make well-being and create calamity, I am the Lord, who does all these things

Isaiah 45:7

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  1. Hey girlie! Loving your back yard! Looks like Ryan is doing so well! Wow! I am so pleased! Hey, how is your no buying new clothes for the year going? I am still doing it! Honestly I didn't expect to make it this long! LOL I always buy new seasonal wardrobes....never mind just new clothes here and there! LOL So this was a BIG change for me! So far so good though! I have even humbled myself to borrow a friends dress for an upcoming banquet I am attending! Thanks for this challenge! :) I also don't remember if I told you that doing the less meat dinner thing I think I spent about 120 for groceries for two weeks! Thats a huge stretch from $230. Now actually i don't cook meat in the week, usually just over the weekend! Our bill has dropped some more. I am becoming a bit of a flexitarian! :) Love ya



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