Friday, June 14, 2013

June Updates

Some life updates to share...

I am obsessed with this article:  Did your spouse marry the "wrong person"?  Better find out by reading this.

The snowball bush out front.  So attractive and fluffy!

Also, I just found this amazing store from another blog I love and have to share.  This is where all my Christmas presents are being bought this year!  Such an amazing ministry, story, and motivation from this company

I scheduled my Nursing School entrance exam!  It's Wednesday June 26th at 8:45.  It should take about 3 hours and passing this test determines whether I attend Denver School of Nursing.  Feeling hopeful, expectant, and unprepared at the moment :)  But that last one can be changed!

I'm feeling a little ansty about the test but have heard enough to think that studying and adequate preparation should make it manageable.  I don't when I'll know if I passed but I'll share as soon as I have news.  Hopefully they won't leave me waiting too long.

Huevos!  She is such a silly little chicken.  They aren't laying yet but should be in about 3 weeks

We "suffered" the 99 degree heat earlier this week with no swamp cooler running.  Ack!  But Ryan got it up and running and now we are basking in cool glory.  #firstworldproblems   Maybe this is so werid but I'll still share... The swamp cooler in our house really reminds me of Ryan's surgeries.  

Weird, no?  

The smell, the sound, everything.  It's like mild PTSD when that thing comes on.  It triggers all my memories of recovery and hard nights and the crisis of last year.

Do you have anything irrational that triggers hard/weird/uncomfortable memories for you?  I think I just remember him being being asleep or recovering post-op so much and it was mid-summer so we had the swamp cooler on all the tme.  

Anywho...I appreciate the swamp cooler but it still weirds me out a little when it comes on.

This guy is a machine!  He landscapes, bikes to work, gets our swamp cooler running, helps other people on their houses, does yardwork, and so much more.  What a stud!

Ryan has been rocking out his new position as Director of Partnerships at Healing Waters.  He recently was promoted to that position and still maintains about half his time working on the Engineering team.  He really has dove in headfirst to DOP without a ton of training and continues to excel and bless the company. 

 Isn't he the best at everything?!

Outside of studying and working we're loving our nights together on the back porch, getting together with friends, and learning more about marriage and doing life as a 3 year married couple.  

What a gift and challenge 1,095+ days of marriage has been!  Our latest season has been full of lessons,  stretching, and learning about each other.  We have so many areas to grow and change but I'm glad to love and do life with my man.

Rachelle and I getting in some quality girl time.  Important!

Last mention of Ryan's birthday.  He got some SWEET presents including a camp stove.  And my gift was seeing how different last year was from this year.  Just look--doesn't he look healthier and better in 2013?

Sick husband on the left last year, though in good spirits.  Healthy husband on the right this year! 

Ok that should cover it all.  Carly Decker out.  Share what you've been up to because we love ya, man!

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