Monday, June 17, 2013


Just a "praise Jesus my husband' isn't in a Crohn's flare anymore" type of post!   Every single time we enjoy any activity we always say "Remember how you couldn't have ever done this last year?"

We have landscaped, painted, ATV'd, hiked, been to weddings, Ryan has gone to bachelor parties, we walk, attend family gatherings, Ryan travels, bikes, works full time, we move 120 15-lb pavers in an afternoon, we go on dates, host friends, help others with house projects, garden, get chickens, and we live life dang it!

This is such a sweet season and we can't easily forget where we've come from.  Ryan's poor body was atrophied, weak, failing, and barely hanging on this exact time last year.  Now he is muscular, vibrant, feeling good, and has endurance.  

So much has changed and we are grateful.

And his name—by faith in his name—has made this man strong whom you see and know, and the faith that is through Jesus has given the man this perfect health in the presence of you all.

Acts 3:16

Before he was couch bound and honestly looked pretty rough:

Now he can sit up (ha! a major step) and do some living!

Before he was skin and bones and the skinniest he'd ever been at 144 lbs:

Now he is 185 lbs of muscle and can do fun things like rent a huge ATV:

Before every bone in his body showed and he couldn't sit for longer than about 20 minutes:

Now he goes to restaurants and gets spoiled on his birthday and LIVES:

Before his eyes were tired and defeated, each day a struggle:

Now he looks GOOD and has a restored faith and body:


  1. We are just so grateful to the Lord. So, so grateful. So happy to have healthy Ryan back.

  2. You guys know more than anyone how sick he was! Thanks for walking through it with us and celebrating now!

  3. this brings such joy to my heart! I remember prating diligently for the both of you this time last year. I never felt so concerned about people I didn't even know. I am now thankful the experience has taught be God truly does answer the prayers of the righteous. I only ask you return the favor and pray for me. I have been battling so badly with my skin. I really need to see a miracle. I am blogging about it( hahaha) you can check it out
    Love ya deckers!

  4. Vee I have prayed for your skin! I know it has really been bothering you :( You are so good to us and we appreciate you the MOST!

    Thanks for being such a great friend through this blog. You are awesome. Keep me posted on your skin's progress.



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