Sunday, June 2, 2013

Early 3 Year Anniversary Trip

We are home!!  From an incredible weekend long adventure in Avon, CO (right outside of Vail).  You guys we had the best weekend celebrating 3 years of marriage.  God is good and I love my man!

At the top of  the mountain from our ATV trip-Ryan drove while I held on for dear life.  

This may or may not have been a memorable/amazing/legit trip because:

A. We slept in until 11:00 am
B. Stayed up late drinking wine and eating smores
C. ATV'd and mountain biked our lives away
D. Ate embarrassing amounts of ice cream before dinner
E.  All of the above

Smores and wine fireside late at night.  How much more relaxed do you get?

Ok we all the know the answer is E.  Life is GOOD in Avon!  We lived it up!  

For obvious reasons I didn't announce that we weren't home for the weekend so that's why the blog has been so quiet the last few days.  But it was a fantastic early anniversary trip.  I start summer classes tomorrow morning and Ryan is transitioning into a new position at work so this was a much needed recharge for our batteries as we approach a full summer.

Pictures galore!

 No joke this is the NICEST hotel ever!  We mega recommend the Westin in Avon.  Snazzy!

Oh bathroom you are gloriously beautiful.  I took baths like it was my job.

We ate unhealthy. Like SO naughty.  Ryan just put on khakis for a work meeting and was like 'Why don't my pants fit??"  HA!  I give you Exhibit A husband...

But we did our fair share of activity.  Mountain bikes, ATV'ing, walks.  We love being outside.

We were high on life.  And apparently smoked the ice cream cones. 

Look how legit we look!  Helmets and goggles.  Yes!

P.S.  I really did wear other things besides that red Marmot soft shell!  I just realized I have it on in every picture.  Ha!  This was not a fashion trip.  It was a get dirty and play then relax trip.  The best kind of all.


  1. I'm not gonna lie; I was a little blessed to hear that Ryan's pants are not fitting! After he lost so much weight last year, this information seriously warms my heart and made me smile. Looks like such a fun weekend. I'm so glad you were able to get away.

    1. True that Beth!! His pants being too tight is WAY better than me almost outweighing him. It was a great weekend :)



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