Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Few More Things...

Here are just a few more shots to share from a wedding we were at this week, our early anniversary trip and a wee life update...

Ryan, Scott (the groom), Rich (father of the groom), and me at the reception

On Thursday we were at the wedding of a childhood friend of mine.  I grew up next right next door to Scott, the groom, and our parents still live in those same houses.  I have known him and his wonderful family for 18 years!

It was such a gorgeous wedding and in Ryan's words I "sobbed" when Scott walked down the aisle to wait for his lady.  I couldn't help it--it was so beautiful!

The beautiful outdoor ceremony,

This was our hotel's "backyard".  Such a gorgeous river.  One time we saw a black bear across the river just waddling around!

I started my last pre-req this week, Anatomy & Physiology II.  We're covering the heart, circulation and endocrine system in the first 2 weeks.  It's HARD but I have a lot of respect for my professor and am in a good lab group.  It really does take me quite a bit of time outside of class to grasp the material but the Lord is making my brain able, slowly but surely.

Pre-dinner in front of the enormous fireplace

My interview at Denver School of Nursing on Thursday went really well!!  But when I say "interview" I really mean formal one-on-one information session :)  I answered a few basic questions like why I want to be a nurse and such but it was mostly me learning and listening.

I toured the lab and school and it is NICE!  Really swanky.  They have this "dummy" that cost $110,000!!!  It cries, sweats, bleeds, and everything else you can think of.  Students practice every kind of medical simulation you can think from seizures to heart attacks to IV placement.  So neat and something I'm looking forward to.

Ryan on our bike ride!  

I was really impressed with the facilities, the faculty I met, and the general atmosphere at the school.  I take my entrance exam sometime soon and that will determine my official acceptance.  Ok enough nursing talk for now!

It's Ryan's birthday weekend--he'll be 27 on Sunday!!  Wahoo!!  I anticipate it being MUCH better than last year.  We have a party planned for him, lot's of presents, and some other birthday surprises on his actual day.

A little hike around during an ATV break

Ok are you done listening about our life yet?  We (and by that I mean Matt and Ryan) have been landscaping a bit in small chunks this week and I'll have pictures of that later.  Our yard is just weeds and dirt so it's a needed improvement.

 Our dear friend Katie is with us for the weekend which is always a treat.  And other than that we are looking forward to some rest, some studying for me, and a weekend full of people we love.

Peace out and have the best weekend!

Look at my man on that ATV.  He was such a good driver.

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