Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A 40 foot Shed Flew Over Our House

This one time we bought a house that needed a complete makeover in every. single. way.

We've remodeled the kitchen, tore down a main wall in the living room, put in new floors house-wide, replaced all the light fixtures, painted every square inch, ripped out a weird hot tub room, patched a huge awkward door in the back of our bedroom, painted the outside, and begun landscaping the weed pit we call a backyard.

The biggest project thus far has to be removing flying a 40 FOOT SHED over our house!  This enormous thing has lived in our backyard taking up our entire property and was unfortunately here when we moved in. 

It is bulky, heavy and stupid.

I'm not bitter.

Anyway we wanted this thing out so we could have a backyard for future Decker babies (I'm not pregnant) and to host fun events!  

So someone bought this huge shed from us off Craigslist (holla!) and this week a crane, a semi-truck, and a bunch of mover guys rocked this thing out of our backyard.

We have space to frollick and live now!  Underneath that shed was a surprisingly big yard that is yearning for some green grass, apple trees, and maybe even a volleyball net.  Who knows!  The backyard is our oyster.

Check out these pictures of the whole enchilada...

First they hookd up some straps under the shed.  Is it just me or do two straps seem HIGHLY under-strapped?!?!  I would hook like 153 straps to that thing

AHHH!!!  Isn't that crazy??  This picture psyches my mind.

Oh perfect.  A 40 foot shed is hanging over our house.  What could go wrong?

Then they loaded it on a big semi and drove away.

The end.


  1. "It is bulky, heavy and stupid." Haha, that made me laugh out loud! But seriously, it happened! The shed is gone! I can't wait to see how you transform that yard into a beautiful, personal space.

    Also, Mark has been saying, "When can we hang out with Ryan and Carly again?"...want to grab dinner sometime?

  2. Lauren I am SOO glad it's gone girl. We have so much room-it's amazing.

    Let's do it! Can you shoot me a text? I lost my phone a few weekends ago and have no contacts. Maybe this weekend or into July?

    1. Good for you guys! That was the biggest shed I have ever seen. Could be a mini home lol

  3. It was pretty enormous Vee. 40 feet long by I think 12 feet wide. It could have passed as a trailer home. I'm glad it's out!



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