Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 2012 to May 2013

Every once in awhile Ryan and I will go back into the blog archives and shudder at where we were one year ago.  I thought we would never make it out of 2012 alive.

May 9 2012 post-op in the recovery room

This time last year, May 2012, Ryan had just undergone his first surgery to deal with anal fissures, fistulas, sphincter spasms, fevers, weight loss, and unexplained pain.  I posted often asking for prayers of healing and relief.  There were up and down days but mostly when I look back at those pictures our eyes our tired and Ryan's body was slowly giving out.

Ryan was barely working, sleeping up to 20 hours a day, losing startling amounts of weight, and adding new alarming symptoms every week.  We were so scared.  I never would believe that our lives and his health would be restored to where they are now.  It seemed impossible last year that our nightmare would ever end.

But by God's grace and medical intervention, it did end.  Ryan has relief and restored health.  We're grateful for health so that we pour into our marriage.  Be in community.  Love the people in our lives.  Enjoy this life.  Be outside.  Live!

As painful as last year was, this spring and summer overflows with gifts of health and renewed strength.  Right at this moment my husband is out sledge hammering a concrete slab in our yard.  DANG!  This time last year I was posting about he was stuck on the couch in unending pain. 

I am so grateful for progress and recovery.  Until you've lost your health, it's hard to fully appreciate it.  We look at our health now and Ryan's remission with absolute awe and thankfulness.

Thank you Jesus for good gifts of relief and freedom from terrible, hell-ish symptoms.

Thank you for this life we get to live.

May 26, 2013 sledge hammering like a beast!


  1. That is amazing! God is amazing.

  2. YES Kelly! Totally agree. We are living proof of his grace.

  3. I love that Ryan has improved so much. Such a scary time, but so grateful for relief. Love you and ry (/slut).

  4. Ha ha Ry/slut! I love that he has improved too. We're so grateful

  5. Just look at Ryan showing off with that manly sledge hammer. I must say it was so much more fun helping you two paint today that visiting Ryan in the hosptial a year ago. So very grateful that your two are enjoying the beautiful weather and a healthy Ryan.

  6. It was much more fun to work outside with you than to be stuck on the couch and sending bad update texts from a hospital!!

    Thank you for the help mom! The house is looking better and better everyday.



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