Saturday, May 25, 2013

Campfires and Smores

FINALLY the weather is getting warm here.  Nice to finally meet you spring.

It's almost June but some trees look just as bare as they did in February.  It's been such a wonky spring so far.

But tonight was gorgeous weather for a fire pit and smores cookout.   Our favorite smores recipe is a golden brown marshmallow, one reese's cup and two graham crackers.  DANG delicious!

Before that we went to a beautiful wedding in Denver (our first of three in the next few weeks) and we took some out of country staff from Healing Waters to the airport at 4:00 am.  

Anyway, it felt so restful to be outside this evening when it's nice, enjoy time with family, and get a taste of summer.  Love it all!

The loot!  Can you imagine a more beautiful picture?  Chocolate + 75 degree night + a fire = perfect

Me, my hunky husband, Mom, and bro-in-law Justin

The Thunells looking so good!

Did you notice Harpo eyeing our marshmallow?  Sneaky sneaky...

One of most flattering shots of life!

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