Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bragging on a Sister-in-Law

I just needed to brag on Anna Decker today.  I'll get to that in just a second...

Do you sometimes feel pulled in too many different directions?  

 Like the busyness of your life season is necessary but sweet Jesus have mercy, you can't believe all you have to do??  

That is how I feel sometimes when I am right in the middle of a busy semester.  And I can only expect my life to increase in demands when Nursing School starts!

Well today I was texting my legit sister-in-law, Anna, and we were chatting about what we were doing that day.  She shared that during her two kid's naptime (a 2.5 year old and 9 month old) her time was being spent in the Word.  Reading the Bible.  Getting her soul filled up and meeting for personal relationship with Jesus.

Isn't that the best?!  I just think she is the greatest inspiration of a mama and woman of how to love Jesus, prioritize needed time with God, and still balance many other aspects of life.  I'm sure she could have done a number of other things like clean, or Pinterest (guilty!), or just sleep too.  But she chose to spend her time in such a meaningful way.

Love it!!

I now have NO excuse when I feel busy ;)  Because what chaos and demand compares to that of raising two little ones, managing a home, working, being a wife, and all other life responsibilities. 

Not many.

Anyway just wanted to let you also be encouraged by Anna the way I was.  A few minutes (or few hours!) with Jesus is time well spent and we're told a meaningful investment of reward (Matt 6:6).

Do you need ideas about getting into the Bible and spending alone time with God?

Here is a free Bible Study through Judges that my good friend Laura wrote.

Both here and here will give you ideas from blog posts past.

Enjoy friends!

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

Matthew 6:33


  1. Hey lady! I'm glad I could be of some encouragement for you but seriously I definitely chose to nap more days than not. However, I feel more refreshed if I spend time with God than nap so I've been shooting for that! Love ya!

    1. Well you are dang cool whether you nap or get in a quiet time. Either way I am SUPER encouraged by you. Love you too!



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