Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Few Good Things To Share

Some recent favorites that are just too good to not share...

This quote:

"I told Satan 'I will NOT quit.  I will always run to God.  I will NOT quit!'  Now normally I don't give the devil much of my conversation, but I had to take a stance and tell him I meant business about doing marriage God's way."

Have you ever heard such a legit quote?  This was from the wise and godly Jeanine Weber who disciples me every other week.  We were talking about some struggles marriage can bring and she imparted this wisdom to me.  To never, ever quit.  Ever.  God is always willing to restore and rescue us when the devil wants to mangle and destroy us.

Well screw you, devil.  I will NEVER quit either.  

Is there something you need to remind the enemy of, that you won't back down or quit because you know God's called you to it?  Do it in Jesus' name.  


This recipe:

Bruschetta!! Chop 1.5 (or so) cups of heirloom tomatoes, a lot of basil leaves (maybe 7 big ones) and mix with splash of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper to taste.  Toast several pieces of french bread in a skillet with generous amount of butter until golden.  Top bread with tomato mixture and put a chunky slice of fresh mozzarella on top.  

Enjoy with wine on the back porch!

This article:

This post is full of surprising wisdom and tangible advice to really knowing God's will.  And who can't use some help like that?

This book:

This is the most proactive, encouraging, life altering book I've read in awhile.  The Power of a Praying Wife is indescribably beautiful and really ministered to my heart.  At the heart of the book lies a nudge to release control of our husbands, pray the humble phrase "Lord, change me" and allow God to work in our men's lives by storming heaven for them.

SO good.  I highly recommend it!

This swoony 9 month old:

This...uh,whatever is even happening here:

Bahaha!  Sorry Linny, but this makes me laugh out loud and had to be shared to bless the world.  

Ok, everyone that should do it!  Stay cool homies!



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