Thursday, April 18, 2013

What the Heck We're Up To

The only thing this blog ever gives you anymore are picture updates.  Are you cool with that?  It's because we're busy people at the Decker household!  Only 2 more weeks of school and then one entire glorious month off.


After my finals I'll be back sharing, blogging, and writing full swing.  Having May off will be a much needed break.  Side note:  If my calculations are right I'll have taken 35 tests in the last 15 weeks and that doesn't include quizzes, labs, homework assignments, or papers.  Jealous?

What are you up to this weekend?

We've got an Av's game...
Ladies coffee date...
Chicken coop finishing touches to do...
Research paper writing to complete...
Church greeting...
and hopefully some sunnier weather..

...oh and we may or may not have booked a weekend at our FAVORITE hotel for Ryan's birthday and 3rd wedding anniversary in June (we like to plan ahead. so sue us.)I. cannot. wait.  We spent our honey moon and 1st anniversary there.  It's a special spot.  I might pee my pants from excitement to get back.

Ok.  Now some pictures from the week.  Hope you have a great Friday tomorrow and the best weekend of your life!

Hot mugs of coffee while we scrape our cars (worst week ever to have a chicken coop take over our garage)

Ryan Decker hating enduring the snow

Who has to bust out the hiking boots to brave 8 inches of snow in April??

We did get SOME sun, after 3 days of gray blizzard-y weather

Our garage is an igloo

Because it was so cold we had vegetarian minestrone soup.  Doesn't that sound amazing with grilled cheese?  Drooool.
Ryan wore this dashing outfit to work in the garage on the CHICKEN COOP!!!

Then Harpo needed a hugThis picture kills me.

Fancy!  We also got jazzed up to see a play last weekend that my friend Rachelle was in.  Good times.  She played a whore and I loved it.  Ha!  She is a seriously talented lady.

That's Rachelle!!  2nd in from the right with the pink boa

Oh what did we have for lunch you ask?  Grapes, yogurt, almonds, breadless-turkey-hummus sandwiches.  So weird that I'm showing you this...

Over and out.  That's enough Decker shennanigans to hold you over for awhile.


  1. Well, in two weeks I expect a novel-length post of epic proportions.

    j/k I like your pictures.

  2. I love the pictures! Sweet and to the point blog! Always one of my favorites!

    1. Rachel that is encouraging! Thanks for reading this little blog :)



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