Friday, April 26, 2013

Sister Graduation!

It's been a very busy week of studying, working, and road tripping!

My younger sister graduated from college this week!  Her degree is in Nutritional Science because she is a smarty pants.  Plus she is so legit that she already a full time job doing research/writing/other complicated things at an essentials oils company.  She loves it!

  We drove to Utah attend the graduation ceremony and shower her with congratulations gifts!  College graduation in 4 years with a job already lined up is definitely worth celebrating.

We are proud of you Linny--Congratulations!

Here are some pictures of the quick trip:

 I love this picture!  The bright blue sky contrasted with the brown desert.  Pretty scenery the whole drive

Two Nelsons, two Thunells, and one Decker.  I missed my husband!

Sister shot.  So proud of you Linny!!

Graduation makes one sassy

It was blossoming and SO gorgeous in Utah.  Beautiful flowers everywhere we looked


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