Monday, April 22, 2013

Jewelry for Justice Giveaway!

Do you wear jewelry?  Major fan here!
I recently had the unique and thrilling opportunity to learn and write about 3 Strands; an organization fighting to defend the rights and lives of trafficked and enslaved women.  

They are partnering with me to spread the word and bling you out in the process!

3 Strands rescues women (super risky!) from the darkness of forced prostitution and then works to ceaselessly rehabilitate and love them.  The sweet women are educated, housed, fed, and provided meaningful jobs so they can be independent contributors of society again.  

The women make stunning handmade bracelets to support themselves and 3 Strands...and there are 15 up for grab over at Missional Women!

It's so fun to brag about their work especially as this cause runs deeply in my heart.  Click on over to learn more, enter the giveaway, and make a meaningful impact in the lives of "the very least of these" (Matt 25:45)

Enter the giveaway!

Support justice!

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