Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fireworks and Chickens

Our weekend FLEW by!  It was such a good one.

Saturday we slept in (hallelujah!) and then went with Casey, Connie, and Peyton (Hey Casey!) to the cardboard boat races up at Mines.  Ryan participated in his undergrad so it's a blast from the past to go back and watch.  Basically there are teams of students and their goal is to make a boat out of only cardboard and duct tape and float it (and ALL passengers) down Clear Creek.  Gaahh!  

We saw SEVEN people in one boat and it didn't sink!   The water is FRIGID but it's fun to see what people come up with and be out enjoying the spring sunshine. 

This is Ryan when he did it his Senior year (he's in the back)!  You can't even see the boat because it sank.  Ha.  It was a submarine!

Then we had the Malones over for dinner which is always a fun time.  We love time with them.  And to finish our evening we met Lauren and Matt (you guys rock!) at a firework show at Mines.  It was AWESOME!!  Oh my, I have no words.  it's the best fireworks show we've ever been to. They bust out literal sticks of dynamite, 20 foot green flames, and gorgeous regular fireworks.

We were reflecting this weekend and realized that it was this weekend 5 years ago that Ryan and I first met!!  We were introduced at a rootbeer kegger (we were obviously crazy in college, ha ha) and then went to the fireworks.  It's such a sweet memory to have.  I love that we can remember seasons of our relationship from so long ago.  I'm grateful to keep enjoying these traditions with my man :)

Oh and we got a chicken coop!  Man, it WAS a busy weekend eh?  

My friend Kate built a coop but decided she couldn't use it due to a move.  So we took it off her hands.  It will house 4 chickens which we'll be getting in just a few weeks here.  We already have then named:  Huevos, Chorizo, Bacon, and Sausage.  Yum ;)

We'll only have hens and expect them to lay about 5 eggs a week each.  There are just a few minor things we need to do with the coop (insulate it, bury chicken wire, etc) before we get the ladies.  And then I'll post pictures of our new additions.

Ok that is all!  It was a good weekend minus Sunday afternoon when this pretty much summed up my life:

TMI?  Oh well. Hope you have a full, wonderful weekend yourself and we'll talk more this week.


  1. Chickens! So cool! Too bad the shed is gone, or Mark could have worked that into his business plans...

    1. NOOO!! Mark and Ryan make a dangerous team. You guys can come meet the ladies when we get them. And of course have some eggs :)

  2. Chickens? What don't you do? hehe! I am jealous though, I have always wanted to eat fresh eggs! A con of city life! :( P>S-last month I paid a total oof....ready for it...$168 on groceries for the fams and I, cutting down the meat! LOL this month it will not be so low, as my skin is causing me to eat a more glueten free, dairly free...completely anything good and worth while free foods :( My habds went from bad to better to worse, and I hoping on their way to better, it even spread now to my face---hack! I was so depressed tonight I left right after church,my face looks so bumpy and just not cool! I was really trying to do a natural healing type method, but now that its touched my face...steroid creams here I come! LOL Pray for me! :)

    1. Vee if you ever come to Colorado we will fix you some fresh eggs! Apparently they aren't too much work and we go through about 2 dozen eggs a week. A well worth it investment.
      You seriously got your grocery bill to $168?!?! Super mom/wife!! I totally hear ya with needing to buy higher quality stuff for allergies or dietary needs. We buy specific protein powder, greens, supplements, etc. So not every month can be so low. Great job though lady!

      Praying for those steroids too. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do ;)

  3. Carly! I was just reading through this happy blog of yours and read about how you are Ryan met at a rootbeer kegger; Reese and I met at one too!! What is it about rootbeer keggers and meeting great guys?? Hope you two are doing well, keep up the fun stories!! :)

    1. Lindsay! No way I did not know that! Rootbeer must make the legit men of Mines flock. So happy you two met and are getting hitched. WAHOO!

    2. P.S. I was signed in as Ryan. But that was actually me ha



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