Thursday, April 11, 2013

1050 +

Gifts!!!  SO many to count on this Thursday.  Each and every one of these turn my heart to praise God today.

  Shall we start?

My Journey to 2000 Gifts
1050.  Arissa's due date being yesterday! (glad you commented so I know-let's pray Avia comes healthfully)
1051.  Bright green asparagus and lemon

1052.  DARK chocolate cake with sweet thick frosting

1053.  My silly husband who brings romance into our marriage daily

1054.  Evening rain showers

1055.  This face.  YUM he is so handsome!

1056.  Time together after long days (in the garage no less) Photo credit: Husband

1057.  Strong hands

1058.  Comforting, familiar smell of baking chicken

1059.  A job I love
1060.  Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas
1061.  Humility in test taking
1062.  A garden bed full of raspberries
1063.  Normal rhythms to life this summer
1065.  Health
1066.  Vee's wisdom in scripture
1067.  Linny graduating soon
1068.  Upcoming weddings this summer-the thrill of new marriage!
1069.  The calm of a clean home
1070.  Unexpected phone calls from friends
1071.  Quiet time early in the morning
1072.  Big cups of delicious coffee in the a.m.
1073.  Being refined--it never ends thank goodness
1074.  The wisdom of the Bible
1075.  Examples of older women balancing their walks, lives, and families
1076.  Melted candles
1077.  Garden planning-the anticipation of produce in our own backyard
1078Longer days of sunshine and the nightime  patiently waiting to fall
1079.  A camera to capture moments through the day
1080.  Journaling thoughts and requests
1081.  Tension of waiting and giving it up to Him
1082.  Excellent medical care
1083.  Big mugs of tea and a good book
1084.  Social media to be connected with others
1085.  Budding leaves
1086.  Flickering candle flame
1087.  Hum of the dryer
1088.  Meaningful communication
1089.  Husband walking through the front door
1090.  Harpo's endless enthusiasm to say "hi!"
1091.  Clean sheets
1092.  Spring   
1093.  Adding chicken to the Decker family
1094.  Simplified living
1095.  Intentional time
1096.  The incredibly challenging book of Jeremiah
1097.  Barefoot walks to retrieve the mail
1098.  Sunshine warm on my back
1099.  Different life stages
1100.  Care packages out to a loved sister and brother-in-law            


  1. ESPECIALlY EXCITED ABOUT NUMERO 1100! Boom. You are the best sister ever. We had asparagus the other night too! Drizzled it with a little balsamic butter. Taste buds were in heaven, I tell you!

    1. Whoa sounds yummy! Love asparagus. Makes our pee smell funny...



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