Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Whereabouts

First things first.  My man is a stud!  Our dishwasher had been getting very AOC on us and decided to stop washing dishes, draining dirty water, etc.  So Ryan found a stellar NEW dishwasher on Craigslist (we are obsessed) for super cheap and installed it completey on his own!!  He didn't even have an owner's manual because the lady for got to give it to him.

He is rocking house projects lately.  He installed a new garbage disposal last week and remember when he mounted our microwave over the stove?  And that time he framed/insulated/dry-walled our bedroom wall?  Or that time he re-did our deck?  Or when he put in my garden beds?  Seriously he is amazing.

#2  Pinterest blessed our lives and desire for pizza on Saturday night.  Our new and super cool friends Lauren and Mark came over for dinner and a round of Ticket to Ride.  Pinterest told us how to make french bread pizza the right way and because we love you we would be doing you a disservice not to tell you to do it too!  Big thumbs up all around.

Other than that our weekend was filled with time outside, church, studying (for me), and down time.  

And yours?  Tell us!

Toppings!  Olives, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, pepperoni, canadian bacon, mozerella cheese, and pizza sauce.   Mmmmmm.

2 loaves of french bread was PLENTY for 4 people.  Probably could have fed 5 with them.

Who's creation was this?  It looks good.

This stellar couple blesses our lives.  You two look good.

Ryan making his pizza.

Ticket to Ride!  SUCH a fun game.

There's us!  You are a stud husband.

P.S.  #3  The lighting is killing me here!  Does anyone know what camera setting to use if the lighting is low-ish and not natural light?  I have a Nikon D40   The yellow hue on everything is cramping my style!


  1. Carly! You can fix the yellow hue by changing your white balance. I have a Canon but I'm sure it is a similar process. The process is as follows:

    1) Take a picture of something white (like a piece of paper) under the lighting you want to shoot pictures in.
    2) Then go into your white balance settings and there should be a custom white balance setting. When you enter into that, you then are given an option to choose a picture to calibrate the white balance to. Choose the picture you just took.
    3) Try taking another picture and see the difference.

    Your camera will also come with presets for white balance like "sunlight" "fluorescent" etc. and you can try choosing the "warmest" indoor setting but I find the custom white balance works best.

    1. Awesome Casey! I am doing this ASAP. Those nighttime indoor pictures always get me and always ruin my shot. Ugh! Thanks for knowing things!

  2. Thanks for such a lovely night! We enjoyed it so much. You guys are great. Hopeful for more evenings together with great food and conversation. Thanks for blessing us!

    1. We are for sure planningg for many more too!! P.S. Did you get the Seder invite?

  3. I kinda liked the yellow hue, makes everything look romantic! LOL
    The pizza's look yum yum yummy! And congratz on the new dish washer, I could certainly use a new one too!

    1. Ha Vee you are so funny! I'm glad you appreciate the yellow-ness! I was bragging about you the other day to someone and just sharing how neat you are. And I hope you get that new dishwasher soon--ours was NOT working at all anymore.



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