Saturday, March 9, 2013

Upside Down

That would be our upside down snowman in all it's awkward, strange glory.

We have 10" of snow in our yard and since we shoveled another inch has already accumulated. It is seriously beautiful and HALLELUJIAH we are finally getting snow this winter.   So anyway after the most intense workout of our life hauling snow we made this snowman!   We love him!

Is he totally weird or cute?

Harpo tried to eat his arms and legs and nose...

Woo hoo husband way to shovel and build a snowman with your ostomy!  Nothing can stop this guy.  We talked about how his ostomy has allowed him to be able to shovel, and play in the snow, and be active again.  So cool.  And his belly pain never appeared during the strain of lifting all that heavy snow.  Awesome.

Not sure what our neighbors think of our snowman, but we like him!  He's here to stay...until he melts.


  1. haha! i love this upside down snowman! I especially appreciate his croc flip flops. Remember when we worked at the croc shop? I try to push that memory out of my mind.

    1. The crocs were the only shoes we were willing to put on him in case someone stole them ha! Sketchy crocs...



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