Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Truth About Easter Candy

I spoke too soon.  No sooner had I said that this blog would be quiet for a few days but the Lord threw some craziness into my reading agenda!   I not only read a startling article yesterday morning, but then had it sent to me by two people!

That has to be the Lord saying read and pass it on, right?

Plus it's Easter-related so you'll like it.

Actually "like" is a very strong word.  Maybe you'll just get pissed, nauseated, and ready for action like I did...

Either way READ THIS article as soon as your eyeballs will let you...


Thoughts?  Please share.

I turned my heart to know and to search out and to seek for wisdom...

Ecclesiastes 7:25 


  1. Thanks for sharing this Carly -it's encouraging to see that there are others outraged by this as well.

    1. Chantel I love your blog and was so glad to have found your article about Easter candy. Justice, fair trade, and social responsibility are more and more a HIGH value for us. Actually, an noncomprobable, forever-way-of-life value.

      We know that Hershey is out of our life forever and we are already doing research to buy fair trade cocoa (among MANY other products). Looking forward to following your blog more :)

      THANK YOU for being a solid voice for the voiceless.

  2. I have to say this really doesn't surprise me:/ With each passing year it seems as if there is a "dark side" to everything. I guess that's because the"ruler" of this world is Satan himself, so its really not surprising. To think those little children have no clue how their efforts and terrible lifestyle are asking other children on the other side of the world so very happy. And well the little brats on this end, have no clue the sweat and blood that goes into those "mommy I want more" easter treats. I am going to show this to my older daughter, give her a little perspective! Thanks for sharing

    1. It seems every "cheap" thing comes at the cost of someone else. Hershey needs to be a leader in human rights and STOP this kind of craziness! I would love to see them channel less money to their CEO's and more funds into educating these kids and paying their adult workers fairly.

      Sigh. It's no wonder the Lord over and over again asks us to labor and care about justice. It's his heart.



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