Friday, March 22, 2013

Still Time for an Update!

Importantly:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mom!!  We can't wait to celebrate you tonight (and yes, I will call her in person, that is just a formal blogging duty to shout out to your mother on her day of birth)

#414 I miss blogging.   I like classes, but too many midterm/labs/classes/regular tests/homework etc and only 24 hours in a day = blog neglect.  But somehow all the school to-do's will get done-praise Jesus and this little blog will come back swinging soon.

#3  I submitted my very first Nursing School application on Tuesday!  It's a little scary to share that in case they don't accept me... (Lord willing, they do!).  But it feels empowering and surreal to be taking more steps toward this dream.  It was just 5 or 6 months ago that the entire Nursing idea was even coming up, so this feels like a major accomplishment.  Please pray for that application to find favor in someone's eyes at the school!

A.  When you have a busy week this is how you unwind in the evening:  cups of tea and Bananagrams.  Legit.

#76  As I've been filling my brain with knowledge about the appendicular skeleton (among other things) Ryan has been rebuilding and revamping our mantel.  Can't wait to show you "After" pictures because it's going to look really good!  

Ryan is good at too many things I tell ya.

Plus it gives him something to do when I study.

#39  We still eat--deliciously, I might add--even when we're hustling through the week.  Here is my FAVORITE granola recipe of life (though the post is outdated and needs some help.  It was my pre-legit-blogging days).

S.  I have to brag about how blessed we are in community.  Earlier this week we enjoyed incredible company with our friends Lauren and Matt (I went to high school with them) and new friends Chris and Emily.  Lauren and Matt sent a very intentional invitation to get a community group started and it BLESSES us!  We eat delicious food, share life, talk for hours, and go through a book of the Bible together.  Bliss.  I would challenge anyone reading to be intentional to start something similar people around you--our hearts are full because of it!

C.  What would a Decker blog post be without food?  This was dinner on Monday.  Strawberry, sunflower seed salads and bunless feta turkey burgers.  YUM!  And this is what's for dinner tonight.

#1  Have you checked out my good friend Beth's blogMore Fun, Mom!  is a fantastic site she recently started.  But she's so legit that it's already bursting at the seams with creative kid activities, intentionality in every aspect of life, and too many other fun things to list.  Go say hello!

That should do it.  Deckers out.

P.S.  I almost forgot!!  We are hosting Seder dinner on Saturday (Google it).  I am certain that Easter is my favorite holiday and this is a traditional, meaningful way to set our hearts up for the celebration.  Pictures to come!

P.P.S.  Only 4.36574 days until Kyle and Tiffany arrive (can't wait for you guys to get here!!!!)

Ok now we're really out.

P.P.P.S.  Seriously last thing.  We got 3rd place in our bowling league.  Impressed?


  1. Thanks for the link love, Car! Also, I'm sure you will get into nursing school. You are too legit to quit!

    1. Ha ha I am praying the Lord opens up whatever doors He sees fit! I would be pretty stoked!

  2. Thanks for the birthday shout out. I am anxious to see the new mantel and very excited to see where you will go to nursing school!

    1. You can come see it when you get Harpo's brushes. We had fun at dinner with you!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  3. So dang excited to hang out with you guys this weekend! It will be full of delight I'm sure!



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