Monday, March 11, 2013


The romantically surprising Soiree night turned out to be even BETTER than I had hyped up in my mind!!  My husband is such a hunk.  And his friends are super legit too.

Last night 14 total of our friends were involved. The husbands (and a fiance) cooked while the wives (and a fiancee) just showed up, looked pretty, and were totally spoiled.

The first part of the event was at our house actually.  Homemade, delicious, fancy dinner was on the menu along with drinks, live music, and chocolate fondue extravaganza for dessert.  Mind blown!

We enjoyed the terrific company and soaked in time with each other for several hours.   And then went down to the Mercury Cafe for swing dancing!  The cafe is so eclectically unique and it was such a blast to just dance and laugh together.  Ryan claims to be a terrible dancer but he was seriously spinning me all over and learning fancy moves before too long.

However, the most meaningful part of the night really wasn't in the food, or decorations, or invitations.  It was quite simply...our husbands.  It was our servant-hearted MEN leading as God has asked them and pursuing their wives with fervor and intentionally deep love.  They are not perfect, and neither are us ladies.  But our men demonstrate a rare, soul-stirring kind of love God talks about in  the Bible; sacrificial, other-focused, the evidence of Jesus working.  It was so compelling to me that in a world so desperately needing hope in the love department, there are these 7 incredible, sincere, confident, Jesus-loving men that treat their wives so well.  And in my opinion, I scored the best of them all in Ryan Decker.

I am encouraged and blessed this morning and my heart is so full.  Thank you husband for a fantastic Soiree and for being such an example of a true man and romantic!

Now onto only a handful of the 120+ pictures I took last night.  Enjoy :)

MY husband was in charge of decorations.  He put that together!!  So classy.  Each lady had her own fancy place setting at the table

Fresh flowers, lanterns, and a beautiful spread all around

All the ladies had these beautiful  teacups at our seat and each was unique

These lillies were AMAZING in size and vibrant in color

5 of the 7 ladies there are nurses or are studying to be nurses, so PRN had meaning :)

There was even a PHOTO BOOTH set up!  Here are the ladies minus Hannah.  From L to R:  Jennifer, Ashleigh, Natalie, me (with my glass of wine...classy), Beth

Ryan taking my heart beat... on my stomach?  I believe I have an a fro wig.

I love Ryan's face here

There is everyone gathered before dinner

Hi husband!  Don't you love him in a tie??

More flower beauty

Dinner!  A creamy curry chicken topped with almonds, green beans, and a fluffy rice. There was spinach dip with dippers for an appetizer, a ginger carrot soup for course 1, and dark chocolate fondue with strawberries, pretzels, and marshmallows for dessert.  YUM!


  1. LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH FUN! Everyone looks so nice all dress up! I am especially a fan of Ryan's skinny tie. Those guys rock for planning such a fun event!

    1. They seriously planned it so well! They thought of everything-those studly men!

  2. I heard what a great night it was. Fun to see the pics!
    You are all so blessed.



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