Saturday, March 2, 2013

Good News and The Weekend

Good news!  As of Friday afternoon Ryan said he had not felt that mysterious belly pain once!  Praise the Lord for that!  We'll keep you posted if anything changes for better or worse.

Here is what our weekend will be filled with.  Hope yours is unhurried, filled with life, and sweet!

Yoga and decaf lattes

Dog poop duties

Studying.  Oh studying how you consume my life!


However I only wish our weekend included a little more of THIS...


  1. My favorite pics are ryan on dodo duty and harpo sleepig theough it! So glad ryan is feeling better!

    1. Harpo has no sense of responsibility for the messes he makes. Ryan was a stud and helped him out. Loved the apartment tour by the way!

  2. I had that same coloring book for my A&P class haha. So expensive!!

  3. Oh no girl! Mine wasn't bad at all. I got it from some online bookstore and I think it cost me like $19 bucks. Not too bad compared to what it could be :)

    1. I bought mine used, but I mean in general! My school charged $60 for it. That is RIDICULOUS!!! I'm happily getting use out of my actual books from 101 because we use it in 102 which I'm taking this summer. This whole learning thing can be so costly!



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