Monday, February 11, 2013

Woo Your Husband For Valentine's Day

Two of my best friends and I chat on Facebook throughout the week just to say hi, pray for each other, and e-mail ridiculous things back and forth.  

Or wedding dress photos.  There is no sound reason why for that one.  We are all married--just nostalgic reasons?

Anyway, one particularly encouraging thought came up last week!  Wooing our studly, hunk of burning love husbands for V-Day. 

Yes, yes I hear you cynics out there.  It's a commercialized holiday meant to drive the consumerist force that will surely lead to our country's destruction and desmise.  Corruption by candy hearts and fat naked babies carrying weaponry.  Whatevs, I'm into it, man!

Try making them this rich, (healthy!), decadent dessert 
Fortunately for the dear ladies in my life and myself, our husbands woo us most of the year (minus those under the cover midnight farts or forgetting to flush the toliet...TMI.) so this day is just extra fun to pay them back for all that love.

One of my friends wrote her husband a love letter because they just had a new baby and didn't want her love to go unspoken that day.  Good idea!

My deep contemplations of this holiday have left me thinking I'll prepare Ryan's favorite dinner (nachos) and make these for dessert.  And wake him up to this on our kitchen bar.  I love the cheese factor!

I like the extra push to show the special someone in our life that we LOVE them, and I don't mind the romance in the air!  I vote to eat heart-shaped foods, and down chocolate like it's your job.

 Indulge in a fun mid-winter holiday!!   I know you can feel the peer pressure from here.


  1. Aww so sweet! I lok forward to wooing my hubby! Every year I actually either wear my veil or my corset (top piece of wedding dress). He always smiles to see me in my bridal garments!

    Oooh and the dessert looks fab! Forget making it for hubby, I am making that for myself! Haha

    1. P.S.-oh my goodness to the friends lovers extravaganza! Before I got saved actually that was my favorite show, and after becoming a christian i felt God challenging me to give it up and throw out my series dvds( i owned all ten! LOL) I realized that although my the worlds standards Friends is a seemingly "clean show", by Gods standards its dirty, and a mockery to Him and goes against everything he stands for! It was such a struggle to give it up, but when I did, I had such a break through i my relationship with Christ! :)

    2. Vee that article shocked me! I always liked Friends, but DANG that is intense. Not a huge fan anymore. The show conveniently never mentions that any of the characters dealt with STD's, pregnancy, emotional issues, etc. Not real at all life at all and missed God's perfect design for sex inside the covenant bounds of marriage.

      I love your idea of wearing your veil. What a fun idea! I'm sure you two will have a romantic day. Oh and that recipe (banana bread brownies) was so incrediby delicious. Let me know if you make it. Amazing!!



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