Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snow Day Gifts

My Journey to 2000 Gifts
1105.  Whole wheat waffles, a new Sunday morning tradition

1106.  Sleeping in
1107.  Exclamations of snowy surprise from Ryan when he wakes up..."Wow!"

1108.  Warm naps under heavy quilts
1109.  Quiet time together to get our day off right

1110.  The workout of shoveling heavy fluffy snow
1111.  Soup and homemade bread for lunch
1112.  Praying for direction 
1113.  Late afternoon snacks

1114.  No agenda and the unhurried calm of a relaxing day in
1115.  Snowflakes never stopping for a moment
1116.  Brightness outside during a blizzard
1117.  A home to rest in for protection from the storm



  1. I am currently reading the love dare too! OK Carly its time to stop copying me! Lmbo! What day are you on? I am day 15 I think! Love it! Also your photos are just perfect. Do you like photography? You certainly have a nack for getting the right shot!

    1. Vee you are SOOOO encouraging!! I literally know NOTHING about photography and have read one tutorial on apature and lighting. It's fun to mess around with my camera though and see if I can get any legit shots. Thanks for spurring on my fake photography skills :)

      And it's actually Ryan doing the Love Dare! He copied you. He just started and is on Day 10 he said. I want to do it after him. What do you think of it so far?

    2. Its real good. I think its probably more effective in a rough season of marriage. I find some days I am not really able to to the dares. Or don't feel like the book says. For example today's deals with conflict and fighting fair. Letting my hubby win in am argument. Just sucks when that day you have no fights or conflicts to apply what you have learned



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