Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Every Other Veggie Night = $106 Grocery Bill

I wouldn't be a good blogger if I didn't share our favorite life rhythms with you.  

A new favorite (maybe just mine, Ryan is a carnivore at heart) is eating a vegetarian dinner every other night.

In January 2013 I spent $106 on groceries...for the WHOLE month.   Just using what we already had in the house plus 2 produce grocery runs allowed this vegetarian idea to blossom.  And boy did it work to save us money!

Note:  Such a drastic bill may not be true every month.  You'll have to take that number with a grain of salt based on your home's current food status, family size, store sales, etc

This was a simple transition for our health, our budget, and a delicious shift for our palettes. 

And I have to confess to you how NOT bland or tasteless veggie dinners are.  The complete 
opposite actually!

So what do you eat if you try this out? 

Heavy on the veggies is the only requirement we follow!  But here are more ideas for you...

"Vegetarian Dinner Every Other Night" Meal Ideas

We have eaten every single dinner listed above very recently.  Delicious, nutritious, and flavorful.

Truly this has revolutionized my meal plans.  I usually double the recipe so we have lunches for the next day, which also helps save money.  It's fun to see our initiative in decreased meat-purchasing also decrease our bill.  

And even if I spend more than $106 this month, it's still a smokin' good deal!  This new habit naturally bends us towards more health and greater frugality.  Win, win!

Try it with us?  I'll make you a vegetarian meal if you can beat $106 on your grocery bill next month :)

Disclaimer: We still eat meat!  The occasional organic red meat, chicken, and ground turkey.  But it's only about 3 nights of the week which is still plenty.


  1. Wow, good job! I spend more than that in a week...but grocery prices in Canada are definitely higher, and I have three kiddos! I need to find more vegetarian recipes that my fam will actually eat. They will tolerate beans occasionally, but they are not huge fans. I buy mostly grassed, free range meats too, which drives up the budget!

    1. It was a fairly unique month to be THAT low, but I have been able to keep our bill consistently at $200 or less on this new plan. And we weekly host friends or family throughout the week for a meal so it's good to save money when we can.

      I didn't know food was more expensive in Canada! Dang :( Check out some of those veggie recipes I posted above. A lot of them are so delish no one will mind they are vegetarian.

  2. OKAY, I am totally making that white bean and kale pasta tomorrow for dinner! Looks so delicious! Thanks so sharing your wonderful recipes.

    1. do it--it was delicious! i also made the roasted butternut squash and black bean enchiladas ;ast night...OK literally one of our new faovire meals. You could not tell they were vegetarian as weird as that sounds. Filled us up and we both had seconds.

  3. yum yum! What a smarty pants idea! I can't keep up with you Carly and all your gosh darn good ideas! I will have to try this out, and truthfully I could use the veggie uptake! (uptake? lol not sure about that word, but too lazy to backspace! haha) Also unto other topics, I still haven't bought any new clothes for 2013, but for my birthday I was blessed with two new blouses! Wow did I ever covet those! Hehe! And my birthday celebrations have been going on about a month too! Anyhow, I am going to attempt to beat the $106 feeding a family of 4...lets see if you will have to fed ex me a dinner at the end of march! haha!

    1. ha vee your comment made me laugh out loud! #1 i will fed ex you something delicious if you beat $106 for a family of 4. that would be a record! #2 love that you got beautiful new blouses to enjoy. ry and i said we would accept gifts if given which is such a fun treat from this 2013 crazy challenge. #3 love the word "uptake" for veggies. we want to uptake more too, ha ha.

      you are the best. let me know how it goes with the veggie every other night. seriously those recipes i listed our our favorites and have been "carnivore (ryan) approved"



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