Friday, February 1, 2013

Continued 24th Year of Birth Celebrations

Tonight my parents treated us to a belated birthday dinner!  And it was fabulous and filling and so much fun.  All those "f" adjectives should prove it to you!

Hey husband!

We went to Benihana's, a Japanese style restaurant where they cook all your food on a huge grill surface right at the table.  It was a great night and fun to celebrate with my family!

Just some of the goodies getting cooked up for us.  The chefs are so funny and it's entertainment just to watch them cook everything so expertly.

Ryan, me, Dad, and Mom

Thank you for a great dinner parental units!

 Ryan keeps teasing me saying that I am getting like 17 birthday celebrations  :)  Not quite that many, but we did get to enjoy the hotel on Saturday, a birthday party with friends on Tuesday, dinner tonight, and a Decker family celebration coming soon. 

 I am a blessed lady!

Enjoying dinner!  I ordered shrimp and beef, Ryan got chicken and shrimp.

Cupcakes after dinner from "Once Upon A Cupcake"



  1. Why am I not there for all of these glorious birthday celebrations? It sure sounds like you had a beautiful birthday(s) though! Miss you lots sissy! Someday, let's live in the same state again so it is easier to celebrate with one another!

    1. Ok we can definitely do that!! Move to CO. Or you can come to Africa with us someday. Yes, that is where I vote we move.



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