Thursday, January 31, 2013

When Not Buying Seems Impossible

[More of the Stoma & Ostomy Series was published yesterday! Part 7: Complications You Might Face and What To Do.  Check it!]

It's so funny to share with people that I'm not buying new clothes this year.  One of my absolute favorite women and friends of all time exclaimed "Oh I could NEVER do that!!" and I just laughed!

Truly this is not an unobtainable or super noble goal.  It's not impossible, it is a challenge, but we have so much abundance that the truth is you may not even notice you're not buying.

My boycott of new clothes is leading me to a deeper understanding of WHO makes the clothes stuffing my closet and at what expense?  It is also leading me to ask WHY am I filling my closet and perhaps avoiding filling my heart with something more worthwhile? 

When Not Buying Seems Impossible, here's how it's still going down:

1.  Avoiding stores where I would be tempted to buy: Gap Outlet is my weakness, man!
2.  Pinning outfit ideas on Pinterest so I can rework my wardrobe
3.  Subscribing to this website to gain a heart for justice and a slave-free world!
4.  Praying about it big time and always asking the Lord for purpose in the tension I feel or what He might be trying to teach me through the obstacles that come up.

It's simple. Give it a go.  Or at least consider trying it out-that won't hurt you too much ;)

Ryder has nothing to do with this post-but he still looks scrumptiously cute nonetheless!

My Journey to 2000 Gifts
1086.  Friends to walk alongside in this year long challenge
1087.  Birthday generosity and feeling so loved
1088.  Getting school work done early
1089.  Repentance
1090.  Knowing and doing the will of God
1091.  Africa possibilities
1092.  Nursing school to look forward to 
1093.  Big dreams of being overseas one day
1094.  Friends who share that dream!
1095.  Early labor for Ali-come on Baby C!
1096.  Hot showers and quiet times when it's snowy-wind outside


  1. Its funny, ususally I only buy my self clothes twice a year. In early fall for my winter wardrobe and spring for my summer/spring wardrobe! Its february and I am drying to buy clothes, and yet I wouldn't even normally shop this time of year! Its that sense of forbidden that adds the temptation. I thin though the added accountability of posting it on your blog and letting your friends know, makes it easier to keep the vow. Its a nice challenge. ANd Gap is my weakness too!

    1. I know Vee it's a struggle! How is it going not buying? I definitely feel that pull even though I don't need a thing and my closet is already overstuffed. So proud of you for joining in with this.

      P.S. Happy Birthday Eve!

    2. So far I have stayed out of the malls or places I to shop. The constant 30% coupons I get from gap in my email each week is no help. But I am doing well! Haha! Thanks so much! I like that "birthdays eve" :)



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