Sunday, January 13, 2013

RFF Ostomy Series!

Over at Reaching For Fringe we're hosting an 8 part stoma/ostomy series and the first post is up today!

The top key word searches that bring people to this blog and RFF is almost always ileostomy related.  I secretly love that and am more than happy to answer what the reader wants.

Back in July 2012 when we were in the place of looking for information and someone more seasoned in this journey, I wish we would have had a resource like this.  I wish someone would have shared EVERY single thing they knew.  So we are doing our best and hope it blesses someone.

Here is the schedule so you know what to expect:

Part 6:  Day to Day Life as an Ostomate

Even if you don't have an ostomy, reading about our journey and day to day life might give you a glimpse into Ryan's reality and our wins and struggles.

Enjoy and please share feedback!

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