Thursday, January 17, 2013

Personal Inconvenience = Abolished Slavery

I am looking for a new habit.  Not a year of commendable, blog-worthy babbling.

What's the point of a goal, if it does not turn into a habit?   

Example: why would someone even bother making a resolution to lose weight if they don't make it an everyday lifestyle to eat healthfully and get active?  Something needs to click in their "everyday thinking" mentality.

Why would I forfeit the purchasing of new clothes if there isn't a habit to develop?  I'm seeking a radical way to think and fresh approach to this area of life.


I'm a little muddled trying to determine my "habit" from 2013's goal it but I think it narrows down to these 3 things:

1.  Freedom from materialism will instill a stronger desire for God
2.  Buy once, buy well
3.  Support justice with every dollar that we spend

Those are habits I want ingrained in my life and my rhythms of spending and shopping.  When I go to buy a new blouse I don't just pick it out because it's cute

 No, instead I figure out what's the heart motive of this purchase-what am I trying to fill?  Is it an item that will last for several years coming from a company who values what's just and fair And does this purchase come at the expense of another human?

I have a long way to go.  But I know the minor nuisance it will be to Google search my way through businesses, source my purchases, and take a moment to pause in the store aisle will matter to the Pakistani kid longing for his 16 hour shift to end.   It will matter to the miner who desires a breath of fresh air to replace the suffocation of mining dust.

Personal inconvenience may just be the way to abolish modern day slavery.

 Hand-knit slippers from our dear friend, Katie.  Sustainable and she values justice :)

My Journey to 2000 Gifts
1063.  An old couple rolling down their window at a stoplight to admire and smile at Harpo's head out the window
1064.  Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread
1065.  Extra $15
1066.  Chiropractors who help my body
1067.  Long, sunny walks with Harpo
1068.  Silence after a long day
1069.  Gratefulness for health
1070.  Awe of the world through healthy eyes
1071.  Sweet texts from husband
1072.  Celebrations to come
1073.  New jobs
1074.  Peace
1075.  Job 1:21-22
1076.  1 Peter 5:8  The TRUTH about who the enemy is
1077.  The goodness of who God is
1078.  Memory verse week 3
1079.  Platelet transfusion for mom to get healthy for surgery
1080.  Big mason jars of water
1081. Homemade bread made into toast for an early breakfast
1082.  Slow, wonderful days
1083.  Mild seasons overflowing with praise
1084.   Finding old pictures of Ryan and hanging them on the fridge
1085.  Getting creative with meal planning to avoid the grocery store


  1. I love and respect this goal of yours, Carly. Indigenous is a great clothing brand that supports that.

    1. Thanks Diana! I am so excited to hear that you know about companies who value integrity in their business practices. It's an under-discussed topic and shamefully I was so guilty of knowing nothing about where all my products come from.

      This year will be a challenge but I'm enjoying learning so much. Thanks for the pointer about Indigenous! I'l check them out.

      If you're looking for more brands that are AWESOME I have come to love: Patagonia, Chaco, Seventh generation, Gap, H & M, Burt's Bees, Ben & Jerry's, Whole foods, and Ikea :)



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