Friday, January 25, 2013

Lindsay & Justin Wedding Pictures!

My sister got married last month to the most swell fellow we know, and the wedding was gorgeous!  Like straight out of a magazine.  Most importantly the bride was stunning, the day went smoothly, and the two newlyweds, Lindsay and Justin, will have a beautiful marriage.

The photos came in today, thank goodness because I was peeing my pants waiting to see it captured.  All pictures are credited to Stephanie Ferris of Ferris Wheel Photography.

Enjoy these few peeks into the special day.

Lindsay and myself.  The colors were cream, gold, and navy blue with a snowy December day to make it perfectly gorgeous.

Both of their families around the happy couple!

 See those rings in the bouquet?

 The wedding party all together.  Look at those gorgeous banners and paper decorations.  They went above and beyond in planning this day

 Simple cake topped with owls from Esty on top of an antique buffet.  Stunning.

Um excuse me...but there was a HOT CHOCOLATE bar!  She also planned vintage bottled sodas, old fashioned sucker favors, and antique doors and ladders placed around the venue.  Gorgeous.

The groom carrying out the bride!  So romantic.

Happy Friday and weekend!


  1. funny, i have been kind of anxiously waiting to see these photos myself! ANd wow, very pretty. I love seeing wedding photos-never gets boring! Congratz to Lindsay and her hubby!

    1. haha i know it vee! all wedding photos are so addicting, i could look at them for hours!

  2. Lindsay and Justin's wedding was so beautiful and everyone had a fun time. Lindsay had so many unique ideas. Plus I have a new awesome son (in-law).

    1. It was the most beautiful!! You helped the most mo! Making details and crafting away for months. So good.



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