Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Journeying To More Gifts

Not much today, just a post of gifts and pictures.

My Journey to 2000 Gifts

1012.  Banana bread

1013.  A rejuvenating snack-almonds, clementine, carrots and homemade hummus (not pictured)!

1014.  Hot cups of tea

1015.  The Mark of the Lion Trilogy

1016.  The outdoors and fresh air

1017.  This little lady helping cook in the kitchen

  1018.  This handsome stud of a man
1019.  Friends over for whit bean chicken chili and coconut macaroons
1020.  Blogging while Ryan watches Fringe
1021.  Brunch with mom
1022.  Pictures from Linny of their new apartment and life as married couple!
1023.  Anticipating new articles at Missional Women soon
1024.  Church
1025.  Doctors and medical care
1026.  Belated Christmas packages form friends across the country
1027.  Hand knit slippers to keep our toes warm
1028.  Living Beyond Yourself
1029.  Quiet time and needing a daily rhythm back  
1030.  Processing everything under the sun with a dear friend
1031.  Laughing with my husband
1032.  Sizzle and scent of onions in olive oil
1033.  Shoulder ache after a chiropractic appointment-points to positive movement!
1034.  Brightest sunlight through out living room
1035.  Bowling league on Mondays
1036.  Reading articles of wisdom from ladies older and more seasoned
1037.  A weekend of fun and activity before us         
1038.  Learning about justice
1039.  Sharing about justice
1040.  Casting vision for a world free of slavery

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