Thursday, January 24, 2013

January Decker Update

We Deckers have been living life the last few days!  Well, at least it feels like it after such a SLOW and horrible season.  

Ryan is literally working MORE than full timeHealing Waters has so much for him to do; trainings to lead, manuals to write, demos to instruct, systems to construct, and other Tech Team oddities.  I am just so incredibly proud of him.  He is really rocking it out with JOY and loving that he is off the couch.  He is made to be a Water Engineer and it's a complete gift to see him living it out.

That's Ryan second in from the left.  Swoon.

 The book Ryan's work is reading together for their weekly devotional time together.  He has been working so hard to write the study guide for this week's "Digging Deeper".  He is awesome!

Have we ever suggested for anyone who can, to get off the couch?  Oh yeah, only ALL the time!!  If you are healthy get your bum off the couch!  Go enjoy the world, adventure, be outside, be with people.  Anywhere but besides in front of the TV wasting away your life!  After having no other option and Ryan's health snatched from under us, never again will we take for granted the ability to life life fully and abundantly.  

Alright, I'm done.

We did in fact join a bowling league.  Those vintage bags hold are my parent's old balls (does that phrase disturb you?  it does me.) and they graciously let us borrow their retro gear.  The competition is pretty much nonexistent but we get good time with people and also get to violently hurl a ball down a slick alleyway.  Not bad.

Harpo is doing fine, Mom.  (I'm pretty sure no one else really cares about him).  Your precious little grand-dog is slimming down, barking at everyone, and shedding his blonde hair everywhere.

That would be my Anatomy & Physiology textbook.  Classes restarted this week and I am especially enjoying this course!  By God's grace the information is soaking into my brain and it's all so fascinating and relevant.  Additionally, I started a new position as a CNA (Certified Nurse Aide).  It's a fantastic job that gives me exceptional medical practice and is close to home.  I'm grateful.

Awkward blog confession:  In my possession are currently a fetal pig, sheep brain, cow eye, sheep heart, and a few chicken wings (uncooked).  All are vacuum sealed and doused in formaldehyde awaiting dissection for my Anatomy class.  It's gory over at the Decker casa...

What would a Decker post be without food?  Those are pre-baked sweet potato fries.  A current staple in our household.  However I slightly burned this batch which was a very sad day for all involved.  However, don't be like me and make a batch unburned!  Peel a sweet potato or two, cut into fry like shapes, toss with a little olive oil and salt, and bake at 400 for 10 mins on one side, flip and repeat.  Or until crispy.

 Husband working on some house project

Ok that should do it.  Peace homies.  I am making Chicken Parmesan for dinner and it's not going to slice, breadcrumb coat, cover in cheese, and bake itself!


  1. Glad to see life is moving along like "normal" :) Sounds busy, but busy (healthy) able is good.
    Keep up the God work.

    1. Thanks Lori it is moving along. We should expect BOTH seasons of hard and ease, but we certainly aren't upset when things cool down for a time. I'm sure the Lord will have us on another adventure sometime soon.

  2. Im obsessed with your life! I love that you joined a bowling league! What a fun activity! Makes me want to plan a bowling adventure for our family night this week. :)

    1. Do it! It's so fun! A lot of bowling alleys have $1.00 nights or like super discounted game nights certain days of the week. I bet you and Jig would rock it :)



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