Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Forgot To Not Buy.

I forgot I wasn't buying anything new on Friday.

 We went to REI after a doctor's appointment and they had insane-o good clearances on winter hats and ear warmers.  I perused like I was the Queen of England picking out my crown before I remembered what I had declared for 2013.  I had gleefully tried on 8 hats and picked out matching gloves...for shame!

Don't worry I snapped back to reality before I did anything crazy!

To be honest it was slightly disappointing to not get what I want.  I'm used to it I guess.   The situation was especially unhappy because I was staring at products made my socially just and fair companies.  Companies that provide a minimum or living wage, decent working conditions, and give their employees a right to join a union.  Swoon!  

 But it was a good lesson in "sacrifice"  (Lord help me that I think I know the meaning of that word...I don't.) and in delaying what I want when I want it.

By the way, if you buy something new this year...no judgement ok?  I am passionate about this issue but wouldn't it all kind of cancel out if I was self-righteous and judgey about it?  Duh.  Just needed to share that.

The only think I ask is that you at least consider what I talk about here-social justice, excess, releasing our hold on material items, and even what God says about each. 

 It won't hurt to ask, will it?  

My Journey to 2000 Gifts
1041.  Breakfast potatoes
1042.  Long talks during mountain drives
1043.  A husband who seeks God's will
1044.  Facebook feed = customized prayer list
1045.  Aching toes meaning circulation is returning
1046.  Warm house to come home to
1047.  Sleeping in
1048.  Greeting Team at Red Rocks
1049.  Week 3 of memorizing scripture with 2 legit ladies
1050.  Book series that is so encouraging and confirming
1051.  Goal to not go to the grocery store the rest of the month-eeek!
1052.  Sacrifice to buy books and school supplies
1053.  A husband who spurs on my dreams
1054.  Remicade next week
1055.  Beep of an oven ready to bake 
1056.  Coffee dates while it blizzards outside
1057.  Adventures
1058.  Ryan exclaiming "I love my ileostomy!"
1059.  The freedom his ileostomy has given our life
1060.  $2.50 refunds
1061. Editing pictures
1062.  Challenging words in 1 Kings


  1. Man Carly your killing me here...lol from the moment I read about no buying anything new for 2013, I could feel Gods finger tapping on my heart. I smiled and thought well that's nice for her. Then I commented on one of your posts about it, and wanted to type, I am with you, I will accept the challenge, but refuse to type it... the inner-shop-aholic in me just couldn't bare with no new spring wardrobe. Then today it hits me again...so what will I do? I am gunna surrender and say "no buying new clothes for 2013"...gifts don't count right? Hahahaha! Thanks for the challenge! Luv it!

    1. AHHHH!!! Vee are you serious?! That is so exciting. Challenging and gruesome but we'll be in it together :) Gifts don't count this year-I plan to buy gifts. This is just a great way to peek into our own hearts and what kind of identity/hope/etc we put into things. And how to give it back to the Lord. This challenge can have so many dynamics to it.

      I am so proud of you! Yay! Excited to journey with you. Ha ha I love you were going to write "I'm in this with you" but you refused. You are so great.

    2. Yes...I am onboard...just clean out all my drawers and realized its not going to be that bad...and i have way more than enough of what I need! :) We can keep each other accountable! :) Thanks for the challenge...we need a good push every once and a while! My hubby will thank you for this too..lol more for selfish reasons but he will still be thankful at the increasing account balance! haha!



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