Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dog Sled Adventures

My in-laws bought us a super unique and fun Groupon for Christmas-a dog sled ride!  It was 9 degrees out (brrrr!!), we fell in love with huskies, and had a wonderful Saturday in the mountains.

This is Jimmy Hendricks.  He was a 110 lbs and looked like a wolf.  But was as sweet as a puppy.

These huskies are insanely strong and lean!!  They get SO excited to run and will log 20 miles a day on a "slow" day.  The dogs are the most obedient, sweetest animals.  Ryan and I had a great view bundled up on the sled and got a gorgeous tour through the wooded area of Winter Park.

There we are!  So cold but so very comfortable.

The team led by Bo & Emma.  Seriously these dogs just LOVE to run.  They all howled, stamped their feet and whined before until we would take off again.

Our favorite dog on our team-he bit tree limbs as he ran and liked to roll in the snow ha!

Our drive home-beautifully foggy and snowy!


  1. If I liked dogs...huskies would be my favorite dog...if i liked dogs I would say they are absolutely gorgeous! "Cough cough"
    But i don't like dogs so uhh looks like you guys had fun! :)

    1. ha ha that is totally fair. harpo (our dog) is so hairy and sheds all over. that part of dogs i do NOT like. yuck! but those sled dogs were just the sweetest animals. they would have been so nice to you :)



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