Sunday, January 6, 2013

Decker Christmas Get Together

When you are coordinating the schedules of 10 adults and 2 kiddos (they just show up and look cute), it is some work to get everyone together on the same day.  But it happened!  We got together with Ryan's side of the family today for a belated Christmas gift exchange and brunch.

I scored a super nice coffee mug and Starbucks gift card and Ryan got a really quality pair of wool "smoker's" mittens.    It was a relaxing, sweet morning with everyone enjoying time together and catching up.

Over and out after these pictures!

Beautiful girl.

Can you believe Tyler and Anna get to live here?  This is their daily backyard view-so blessed!

 Y-lo, Megan and little Ryder who was looking especially dashing in his overalls.

Tyler, Stacey, and Jason (Stace & Jason just went under contract on a house!)

Myself and the beautiful Anna.  She is an amazing hostess.


Anna graciously let me strap her baby onto me.  I am obsessed with this contraption.

Uncle Ryan winning the wrestle match.


  1. How fun to enjoy another day of Christmas together with family - in January! And thanks for stopping by my Pursuing Heart blog a few days ago, and for your sweet comment. Have a great New Year!

    1. It was a fun morning Cherry :) Love an extended Christmas!



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